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Day: January 24, 2013

Recap of the day (24/1/2013)

Recap of the day (24/1/2013)


There was one to one discussion with the students regarding Passing the ball game that they played in the PE class where in the students discussed about the strategies they could have used in order to win and also they discussed the mistakes that they made while playing the game.

Students also said that they lost the game because they were not concentrating and were dreaming. Also they said that we were not standing with broad legs so because of that the player who had to crawl through was not able to crawl.

Also the students wrote down the reflection through a graphic organizer.

An indoor game was played known as Broken Squares where each student was given three broken pieces of a square and they had to arrange it in order to make a prefect square. The rules of the game were that there should be no communication with the other member. No verbal communication and also they were not supposed to use sign language. The learning outcome was said itself by the students that it is not possible to play a game without communicating with the other members.


Revision of the previous sessions was done which included define bullying and the types of bullying. In today’s session the students were given knowledge regarding the question that Why do People Bully? A detailed discussion was done wherein students came up with almost the correct reasons.

Single Subject: PS, Gujarati

Tuning in activity SKG Shine

Tuning in activity SKG Shine

Tuning in activity

Tuning in activity for unit ‘How we express ourself’

Drama teacher visited each classroom entertaining children with different expressions on her face in non verbal form wherein learners got to learn the term ‘MIME’. After this tuning in learners were provoked to reflect different expressions like happy, sad, angry, shocked, scary……

Glimpse of pictogram activity

Glimpse of pictogram activity

Glimpse of pictogram activity

Dear Parents,

Please find given below pictures of one activity in which learners are making pictograph of their birth dates using popcorn stamp made by them.

This is one creative way of using popcorn and integrating Language with Math.



H.W for the day | 24 Jan ’13

H.W for the day | 24 Jan ’13


We learnt how to derive area of a triangle. Now its your turn.

Area of parallelogram= base x height

Try and derive the above formula.


Start working on your first draft. It should contain minimum 250 words.

Kindly refer the two handouts given to you.

Online reference:

Highlights and Homework (24th Jan)

Highlights and Homework (24th Jan)



Discussion on the tuning in activity was done.


An introduction to Hyperbole (One among Figures of Speech) was also introduced.


Complete the poem booklet. Page numbers already shared in class. If not completed, the student will do stay back tomorrow.


Highlights and Homework of Jan 24

Highlights and Homework of Jan 24


Math- Formative Assessment was taken.
UOI- The learners derived the central Idea and interpreted the meaning
Lang- Grammar Practice
Learn 2 poems with actions from the poem book
Complete the wordsearch and make 10 sentences from the words searched

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Tuning In for current unit on Expressing ourselves.

Tuning In for current unit on Expressing ourselves.

UOI 5- We can express ourselves in many different ways: Tuning In

We have started with our new Unit of Inquiry. The central idea is – We can express ourselves in many different ways. For the Tuning In activity, on the first day we showed them different faces with expressions and asked them to share how they are feeling and how. So they came up with expressions like happy, sad, excited, tired, surprised etc. The next day ,we invited Juhi Parekh ( Drama teacher at FS) as Guest. She visited each class and performed a Mime – an theatrical technical of suggestion, action, or emotion without words, using only emotions and gestures.
All the students were very excited to see different expressions on her face. They were trying to make out what she is trying to say and how she is feeling and they were really wonderful in that. Through this activity, the learners got to know that we can express ourselves without speaking i.e. non verbal form of expression.
So, this way we have initiated the unit with the understanding that there are verbal and non verbal ways of expressing ourselves. Now we will be finding out different verbal & non-verbal forms of expressing.

Grade 3 Inspire Hidhlights and Homework- 24th January 2013

Grade 3 Inspire Hidhlights and Homework- 24th January 2013

Circle Time- Meditation.

Chanting tables.

UOI- Students shared action taken by them for the problem given.

Math- Students solved division word problem worksheet.

Languade- Students did quick practice of different Parts of speech. Students wrote the sentences in their notebook. They picked the words from the sentences and stated whether it is verb, adverb and adjective.

X-Box performance practice.


UOI- Take actions and bring evidences.

Language- Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb/adverb/adjective. (given in the note book).

Math- Division worksheet.

Practice x-box performance.

Note- Please make your children responsible by completing their homework.