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Day: January 29, 2013

Highlights and Homework of Jan 29

Highlights and Homework of Jan 29

Day 3

Lang- Limericks were introduced and the learners revised the poetic devices they are aware of. They recited few poems and discussed the Central Idea, Lines of Inquiry, Key concepts, Attitude, Skills and attribute focus of the Poetry Unit. One minute speech on any topic they want to talk about was also taken.
Math– Introduction to Time. Difference between Analog and Digital clock was discussed and the learners answered few sums on Time.

Homework:-Learn any 5 poems by heart. Answer the questions after reading, understanding and learning the Limerick poems.

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Reflection of the day…

Reflection of the day…

Language: learners wrote story using the key words given to them.

Math: Practised addition and subtraction sums in the notebook.

Library: 1 read aloud in group by the HRT and read other books individually.

Today’s homework:

In math notebook: Addition and subtraction sums.

Encourage them to work on their goals and send the evidences.

See you tomorrow…

Shruti.Patel 🙂


Practising 2- digit subtraction through –Montero cubes.

Practising 2- digit subtraction through –Montero cubes.

Learners practised 2- digit subtraction sums using montero cubes. They also rechecked all the sums by doing in the notebook. They themselves took two numbers and subtracted both the numbers. They enjoyed and reflected their understanding very well. In the below snaps you can see how much they are engaged while modelling subtraction sums with montero cubes.

IMAG0054 IMAG0055 IMAG0056 IMAG0057 IMAG0058 IMAG0059 IMAG0060 IMAG0061 IMAG0062 IMAG0063 IMAG0068 IMAG0069 IMAG0070 IMAG0071 IMAG0072 IMAG0073 IMAG0074 IMAG0075


You can also buy a montero kit and make them practice at home. Contact number and address, I have already provided you after SLC.

Encourage and motivate our young learners to achieve their goals.

Shruti.Patel (HRT of grade 1 “AMITY”)

Grade 6, Homework for the day, 29th January,2013.

Grade 6, Homework for the day, 29th January,2013.

Dear All,

Homework for the day is as follows:


All set with the your mystery stories!!

Peer-assessment begins tomorrow.

RUN Group students can start with the presentation of their story from tomorrow itself.

Once you are ready with your final story and you have received a thumbs up from your teacher and your peers, start working on the publication. You can make a book with an exciting cover page; a back cover; some illustrations to make your story interesting and your book colourful…

Do not forget to write the Author’s name on the cover page!!!

Check your gmail inbox for vocabulary on character description.

During the presentation you can dress up as one of the characters from your story. You can play some music to go with it and also create a background poster related to your story, if you wish to.

Make your presentation a memorable event.

Wednesday is the last day for submission of your poems for the poetry book.

Scholastic Publications has announced a story writing competition for young writers. Start writing stories…. Details will be shared tomorrow in class.


The formula for calculating the Area of a Trapezium is (b1+b2)h/2.

Derive the formula for Area of trapezium in your Math notebook.


Hope to see your traits displayed on your mask.

Tomorrow is the day for submission.

Your mask will be designed in such a way that it displays your true persona. Say you want to express that you are a nature lover, so draw some trees and flowers on a portion of your mask; lets say you are good at cracking jokes display that on your mask….. These are just examples show your true self to others.

It can be designed on a paper plate or you can use A4 sheets. Do not forget to make it colourful. Put your best foot forward and show the world WHO YOU ARE !!



Engrossed in our academics

Engrossed in our academics


Lang:- watched video on role play of “Play ball  Amelia Bedelia”.

They wrote the reflection in the KWL graphic organiser :- “What I Know”, What I want to learn”, What I learnt” .

The students did a gallery walk of the displays and the UOI display chart of their current unit:- Who we are.

The students were made familiar with the terms which they are going to focus in the current UOI. e.g. open minded, integrity, perspective, opinion etc.

Focus of the month:- The students watched the video on Learner profile of the month -” CARING”.

They answered the question:- What is caring?  How do we care? Whom should we care about? in a colored sheet.


Language:-Worksheet on Tenses

Note :- Reinforce the UOI with the students at home and discuss the terms in context to LP, attitude, Skills, Central Idea when ever opportunity occurs.

Refer the PCM paper for the same.


Tuning in activity Unit: How we express ourselves.

Tuning in activity Unit: How we express ourselves.

Dear Parents,
As shared with you earlier about the Tuning In stage of our current UOI on different ways of expressing ourselves, we had a Mime act by one drama teacher. The next day kids were taken for a gallery walk. They saw different paintings and visual art pieces and spoke about the mood and expression behind that piece. This was an extension to the non verbal form of expressing. Learners got an understanding that we can express ourselves through non- verbal ways like drawing and painting and also learnt that each and every person has their own view and they learnt about “Perspective”.

Please find given below some lovely moments wherein learners are painting something using props, colours and creativity. After this activity they all have shared their different perceptive about the painting.

Thanks and Regards,