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Day: January 30, 2013

Reflection of the day

Reflection of the day

language: Picture composition: Today learners wrote 10 lines about the picture shown them.

Homework in language notebook: Put proper punctuations in the given sentences.

Encourage and motivate  our learners to achieve their goals.

Shruti.Patel 🙂

(HRT of grade 1 AMITY)


Grade 6, Homework for the day, 30th January, 2013.

Grade 6, Homework for the day, 30th January, 2013.

Dear All,

Homework for the day is as follows:


Now that you are ready with your final story and you have received a thumbs up from your teacher and your peers, start working on the publication. You can make a book with an exciting cover page; a back cover; some illustrations to make your story interesting and your book colourful…

Do not forget to write the Author’s name on the cover page!!!

During the presentation you can dress up as one of the characters from your story. You can play some music to go with it and also create a background poster related to your story, if you wish to.

We begin with the presentation tomorrow….. So make your presentation a memorable event.

Shahnaz Ma’am’s Students(SPRINT GROUP) need to post their poems in the shared google doc. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR THE SAME


Check out fsict for the video on Area of Trapezium

Complete trapezium sums in the worksheet given to you day before yesterday.
Answer the questions given to you in context of the Guest speaker in your UOI note book.
Reflect your learning from today’s session.This reflection can be in any of the following formats.
  1. Use story telling
  2. Write a poem
  3. Write a newsletter piece, booklet
  4. Invent Slogans
  5. Translate into a mathematical formula
  6. Describe symmetry
  7. Write a time-line
  8. Chart/Map/Cluster/graph
  9. Photo album/bulletin board
  10. Create a piece of art that demonstrates their learning
  11. Role play or simulate
  12. Create a movement or sequence of movements to explain the learning


Learning through games

Learning through games


Got the feedback to work on topics like singular and plural and paragraph writing and articles and how to go about it.

P.E :- Played game ” Snatching the game”

UOI:- Wrote the reflection of the game played in P.E in the mini journal after the feed back given by the P.E coaches.

They gave interesting reflection and were eager to draw illustration on the game too.


Lang:-Find the meaning of the word list given in the language notebook/ recap book and write the sentence for the same.


Recap of the day (30/1/2013)

Recap of the day (30/1/2013)

Cirlcle Time: Students were shown a video on Habit 5 – Seek First to Understand, then to                        be Understood. After seeing the video they wrote down that How they follow                        Habit 5 at home and at school.

Students are practicing for their assembly performances.

Single Subject: PYPA, PE, Hindi.


Lang: Grammar w.b. pg 50


The IEO exam will be conducted tomorrow.


A workshop on ‘Is being an Introvert a problem?’

A workshop on ‘Is being an Introvert a problem?’

Dated: 30th January, 2013.

Dear Parents,

We are glad to announce our parenting workshop on ‘Is being an Introvert a problem?’

“I want my child to become an extrovert. She doesn’t want to talk to people”.
“My child is too shy. I am worried. Could s/he be depressed?”
“Whenever my child goes to a social setting, s/he is normally isolated and sits in one corner of the room quietly. I feel embarrassed!”
“We are a family who loves going out, and partying. Our child just wants to sit at home and read or paint on his/her own. So, we keep on having constant fights about what to do”.

If these are some questions that you often ask or think about, then this workshop is for you.
While addressing these above given questions, we will also look at:

  • What is being shy? Who is an introvert and who is an extrovert?
  • Which of these personality types is normal and which is preferable in today’s competitive world?
  • Is being an introvert a bane or could it also be a boon?

Parents experience unnerving moments and are grappling to address these questions. This interactive workshop will look at case studies, as well as the psychological theory behind this aspect of our lives.

Date: 6th February,2013
Time: 9:00-11:30 am
Venue: Solitude Room, Fountainhead School, Kunkni
Conducted by:  Ms.Sayanti Nandi, School Counselor
Target audience: Parents of students in Grade 3 to Grade 9

To register:
Call: 0261-3029000 or E-mail:

Menu For The Month February 2013

Menu For The Month February 2013

Dated: February 1, 2013
Circular No: 0201 MENU FOR FEBRUARY
Day Date Item Vegetables Grains / Pulses
D1 1-Feb Paneer Butter Masala – Roti Tomato, Onion, Coriander Wheat Flour
D2 4-Feb Dal Fry-Jeera Rice Salad Coriander ,Tomato Yellow Dal
D3 5-Feb Dum Aloo – Roti Potato, Coriander, Onion, Tomato, Wheat Flour
D4 6-Feb Idli – Sambhar Bottle Gourd (Dudhi), Drumstick, Tomato, Onion Rice, Urad Dal, Tuhar Dal
D5 7-Feb Frenchbean / Potato – Roti – Salad French Beans, Potato, Carrot, Tomato Wheat Flour
D1 8-Feb Punjabi Kadhi – Rice Onion Rice, Besan
D2 11-Feb Biryani-Dahi Cabbage, Tomato, Capcisum, Beans, Peas, Corn (Seasonal) Rice
D3 12-Feb Bhaji – Roti / Salad Tomato, Onion, Cauliflower, Peas, Capsicum, Potato Wheat Flour
D4 13-Feb Dal Makhani – Jeera Rice Tomato, Onion Rice, Rajma, Black Dal, Chana Dal
D5 14-Feb Mix Veg – Roti, Curd Cauliflower, Potato, Peas, Tomato, Onion, Capsicum Wheat Flour
D1 15-Feb Dudhi Kofta with curry – Roti Bottle Gourd (Dudhi), Onion, Tomato Wheat Flour, Besan
D2 18-Feb Fried Rice – Manchow Soup Capsicum, Tomatoes, Corn, Carrot, French beans Rice
D3 19-Feb Mixed Pulses Usal & Roti, Salad Tomatoes, Onions, Corn Moong, Moth (Matki), Chole, White Chana
D4 20-Feb Mix Khichdi – Kadhi Brinjal , Carrot, Potato, Corn. Moong Dal Split, Rice, Tuhar Dal
D5 21-Feb Dudhi Chana Dal – Roti Bottle Gourd (Dudhi) Wheat Flour, Chana Dal
D1 22-Feb Chole Puri Onion, Tomato Wheat Flour, Chole
D2 25-Feb Layered Biryani with Curd Cabbage, Carrot, Onion, French beans, Cauliflower, Capsicum Rice
D3 26-Feb Kala chana Roti /Salad Onion, Tomato Wheat Flour
D4 27-Feb Dal Dhokli / Salad Tomato, Onion Wheat Flour, Tuhar Dal
D5 28-Feb Puri – Potato bhaji, Raita (Cucumber) Potato, Cucumber Wheat Flour
Important Notes:
1. PCM for Early Years (Nur, JK & SK) and Middle Years on 2 Feb from 8:30 am – 10:30 am. Please reach the school by 8:25 am. Gates will be closed at 8:30 am sharp.
Please refer to the PCM Guidelines sent on 24 August 2012. Please note that transportation will be provided to parents for the PCM.
Routes and timings will be sent later.
2. Nightout for Grade 3 on 2 Feb & SK on 9 Feb.
Grade 8 Language Update, January 30, 2013.

Grade 8 Language Update, January 30, 2013.

We have begun preparing for the year- end Checkpoint exams and today was the analysis of the first paper. Please pay close attention to the strategies described in class. Additionally, make sure you do not take any unnecessary leaves from now onwards.


The Calvin and Hobbes- Analysis of Humour assignment is due this Friday. No assignment will be accepted for evaluation if you fail to submit it before the weekend.

Global Perspectives Update, January 30, 2013.

Global Perspectives Update, January 30, 2013.

This week in Global Perspectives-

1. Having read Minda Magero’s thoughts on Africa, we are looking forward to interacting with her, gain some insight and ask relevant questions.

2. Alexander Oswald’s TEDx Vienna talk - Why Kenyans Do IT Better. Here’s a mind-map to go with it.

Please do come to class prepared – you are to read selected articles (already mailed to you) from Minda’s On Africa blog.