Highlights of the week 21st Jan to 25th Jan

Highlights of the week 21st Jan to 25th Jan

U.O.I : Played the game ‘Passing the ball’ and Snatching the eggs’ and took the reflection on it. There was one to one discussion with the students regarding Passing the ball where in the students discussed about the strategies they could have used in order to win and also they discussed the mistakes that they made while playing the game.

Students also said that they lost the game because they were not concentrating. Also they said that we were not standing with broad legs so because of that the player who had to crawl through was not able to crawl.

The reflection for all the games was taken through the graphic organizer.

Lang: Revision was done in the language book of whatever was done so far. New topic was introduced i.e ‘demonstrative pronouns (this, that, these, those). New reader name ‘playball Amelia Bedelia were introduced through video. Learners were asked to write what they learnt and understood through the video. We also did the read aloud till page no. 14. and is integrated with our games unit. Reflection was taken for the same and once homophones and homonyms were revised.

Math: Revision was done for whatever done so far in their math book.

Bullying – one more session was done of ‘why do people bully and how do you feel when they bully you?’ and reflection was taken in the graphic organizer.

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