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Day: February 1, 2013

run-through of the week (28th Jan – 1st Feb) – Imagine

run-through of the week (28th Jan – 1st Feb) – Imagine

Language :  The learner watched a video on the reader ‘Play ball Amelia Bedelia’ as a Pre-reading activity and reflection on the same was taken on KWL chart. Learners also discussed and made connections with the current U.O.I (TDT – Who we are). This unit is integrated with P.E.

U.O.I:  Reflection was taken on the games played by the learners in the P.E classes like “Snatching the eggs” and  “passing the balloon”. Discussed about the different strategies they made and gave their understanding on the Central Idea: “Games can enhance understanding about us“.
The Learners also played Broken Squares. The learners were divided in group of 5 and each learner was given an envelope with 3 different pieces. The goal for each learner was to put together a complete square, thus making 5 squares each. There were some interesting rules :
1) The squares should be of equal size.
2) Group members were not allowed to talk to each other.
3) They were not allowed to take pieces from someone else’s envelope.

After playing this game the learners reflected their understanding through folding paper. Some questions were asked like:

  •     Why do you think you were not able to make the squares at the first go?
  •     How did you feel while playing this game?

The learning intention was that communication is necessary to play any game.
The skills involved in this game were gross motor and thinking skills.

The Big picture : They watched a picture and made connections with the Key Concepts – ‘Perspective’ .

Bullying :  Learners coloured the faces which indicated emotions such as sad, worried etc on the basis of some situations given to them on how would they feel if they were bullied by someone. Did an activity on ‘Why do people bully?’

 Focus of the month :

  • Watched video (Howard learns to listen) related to Habit 5 and wrote the reflection.
  • Watched video on the Learner Profile – ‘Caring’ and wrote the reflection on it.

ICT :  Played interactive math and grammar games on IPAD.


JKG Violet: Highlight of the week 28th January to 1st February 2013

JKG Violet: Highlight of the week 28th January to 1st February 2013

Circle Time:

  • Introduction of rhymes: “ek chota beej” and “old mac Donald”.

Morning Message: (Drilling)

  1. How is the weather?

The weather is very cold.

2. What is your school’s name?

My school name is Fountainhead.

3.   How are you?

I am fine, thank you.

UOI :  Stories

  • Students made a story using flashcards.
  • Students chose their favorite character and drew stories on laminated cards of the beginning, middle and ending part.
  • While students were making the story, they were guided and reminded to make a story with message.

UOI : – Plants:

  1.  Students drew the picture of a plant/flower and a tree.
  2. Exploration Table: The tools related to gardening and seeds, fertilizers, soil etc. were kept and students explored the tools and mentioned their uses.
  3. Cut-pasted pictures of plants from magazines and sorted them according to fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc.
  4. Students collected leaves, measured and compared them with jodo blocks, arranged them in ascending order and sorted them.


  • Word of the week: ‘Integrity’: It means honesty and truthfulness.
  • Introduction of letters ‘Yy-Zz’
  • High frequency words: –

Introduction: why, who, and, all, her

 Revision of words (I, she, he, me, we, go, no, so, to, do, up, my, as, at, or, us, by, am, in, you, saw, the, one, two)


  • Introduction of numbers from 25 to 30 orally, using an abacus.
  • Revision  of the concept ascending through picture(size/quantity)
  • Revision of  3D shape -“cube”
  • Revision of pattern with manipulative (2 attributes) with rule of AAB
  • Revision of Pre-math concepts: in-out, up-down, narrow-wide, near-far, fat-thin, dry-wet

Free Play:

  • Construction\wooden blocks
  • Lacing boards
  • Easel and rollers
  • Rolling pins and clay
  • Students together made a collage using primary colors which enhanced their fine motor skills.


Important Note:-

  • On 2nd February Saturday, we have our PCM and as it is the last one for this academic session, we would like you all to be present. So please be on time.
  • Please send the reader ‘Brown Bear’ every Monday and it will be returned on Friday’s, so that you can also have your child read it.
  • Kindly send old magazines which have pictures related to our current UOI- Plants (Ignore if you have already sent).
  • This week, we will be conducting an activity related to patterns so please send any two attributes, (max 10). E.g.: 10 flowers and 10 butterflies/10 cut outs of square shape and 10 of triangle.
  • Kindly practice math operations (counting, association, after\before numbers, middle\between numbers and backward-forward counting, more or less, greater than and less than) with your child. And in language, practice identification of letters (capital and small letters) and its associations (‘A’ for apple, almond, ambulance, apron, anchor, astronaut, etc.)
  • Please keep a track on your child’s progress/learning.
  • Kindly send cuboid shaped objects. They will be kept in class till the end of the curriculum.

Have a great weekend!


Priyanka Chhabra