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Day: February 3, 2013

Highlights of the week [28-01-13 to 01-01-13]

Highlights of the week [28-01-13 to 01-01-13]


T.D.T: Sharing the planet

Our Inquiry Cycle
We started the unit with the 1st stage of inquiry cycle.

Tuning in: To tune in learners for this unit, four exploration tables held a video on ‘pollution’, a poem on ‘keep clean’, ‘some waste’ products followed by provocative questions in diamond graphic organizer and a ‘doll’ was kept (This is the same learning engagement which was conducted during the 3rd PCM). Learners displayed their curiosity to explore all the tables and gave their reflection on the same. Later, in KWLQA chart they filled up the first criteria ‘K’ i.e. “What I know”.


 Learners were introduced with the article “the” by showing an animated video. After watching the video they were given exercise to solve in the notebook.

MATH: Learners were introduced with the word problems of simple and carry over addition where they learnt how to solve real life examples. They also revised borrowing subtraction.

Apart from the H.W. worksheet given, we have posted online math H.W on blog. So encourage our young learner to submit it before Monday.


Vaishali Desai                                                                                                                      H.R.T-Grade-1 (Truth).

Highlights of the week Sr.KG Ignite

Highlights of the week Sr.KG Ignite

Dear Parent,


Music and Movement activity: The morning Strut song from “Music by Mar”


Introduction of “ill” word family : (bill, fill, hill, mill, pill, will, still, chill, grill, krill, skill, still, till)

Writing of “ill” family words in N.B

Revision of “ip,it word families

Worksheet on “ill” family

Revision of Opposites
using opposite song


Revision of the days of week

Introduction of Quarter past clock.

Introduction to number name: 60 and 70.

Revision of the o’clock & Half past clock.

Revision of week days.




Question:- How do you feel today?

Popsicle stick Activity: Different emotions are displayed in the class. Every morning children express their emotions like Happy, Sad, Excited and Angry by placing their individual Popsicle stick in respective glass of the emotion.They also orally speak out the reason as to why are they feeling so.

Celebration of colour:- Red day

Learners enjoyed the colour day and had got good understanding that each colour has its own significant meaning

[ReadALoud] Huggly get Dressed
A bit Scary

Word of the week: Perspective, Verbal & Nonverbal

After the Read Aloud detail discussion was done on.
Difference between Emotion and Expression
Verbal and Nonverbal forms of Expression.


Worksheet for clock.

Language: work sheet of “ill” family.