Completely occupied and learned a lot. 7/2/2013

Completely occupied and learned a lot. 7/2/2013


Language:- The learners were tuned into  the topic of preposition  through a treasure hunt activity.It was a simplified version, wherein they had to hide

their resource box in the class room. They had to then sit down and write the hints in their language notebook. The learners exchanged their notebooks with their partners and had to find the resource box of their partners after reading the instructions. The learners were completely involved in the game and were introduced to the concept of prepositions.They Wrote,” I have hid my compass box in the glass cupboard, on the second shelf, near the portfolio” etc.

Math :- “Strip Strategy” was used to clear the concept of the table of 1, 2 and 3. The learners did the activity “grade 2 Invent” section. They were given 10 strip each.They were made to sit in pairs and one learners was re asked to lay two strip horizontally and the partner was asked to place 3 strip vertically on the 2 strips. Then they were asked to count the point of intersection or meeting of the strips, it came to 6. The students realised that 2 times 3 will give 6 and the point of intersection is also 6.

These strategy gave a support to their understanding about multiplication.

UOI:- The learners were shown a PPT to rebrush their understanding of the key concept ” Perspective”.–Point of view. It was followed by a discussion and the students came up with a varitey of opinion about one single image on the slide which was shown in parts. When the entire image was unveiled the students were completely shocked that how their perspective differed from the rest of the students as well as the complete picture.

ICT:- The learners were introduced to a story making too. The learners were given the complete demonstration of variety of options on the the projector. After which they had to explore the tool independently and clear their doubts.


Language:- Learn spelling for dictation.

Preposition work sheet.

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