Highlights and Nature Camp for grade 5

Highlights and Nature Camp for grade 5

Dear parents,

Students wrote a piece on any of their favorite character as part of the literary event. Clarifications and doubts were cleared up for the Saputara nature camp. Math decimal concepts of addition and multiplication were reviewed.

Students who are not coming on the nature camp have to revise all the concepts on fractions and decimals that have been covered up so far. Practice problems on khan academy and finish up the videos based on decimals.

For the trip:

Only homemade junk food is allowed. Please refer to the school food policy before packing. Maggi noodles, nutella, any sort of packaged biscuits or food is prohibited. Meals  will be provided on the trip.

All types of electronic gadgets and phones are also NOT allowed. Mini binoculars and watches can be brought at your own risk.

Please pack warm clothes for the night. A blanket, bed sheet, pillow are recommended.

Will see you all tomorrow at 6.20 am at Gandhi Engineering College. Please be on time.

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