Recap of the day (7/2/2013)

Recap of the day (7/2/2013)

Lang: Discussed the paragraph in detail that the students wrote yesterday.

Math: Ice Tray Activity

The students were divided in groups of 2. They were given instructions as place 2 channa’s in one cube, 2 channa’s in 2 cubes, this went on till 2 channa’s in 10 cubes. The same activity was done for 3 channa’s in 1 cube till 3 channa’s in 10 cubes. After placiing channa in each cube they were asked 2 count how many channa’s are there. The main motive behind this was to teach them the concept of repeated addition.

Single Subject: PS, Gujarati, PYPA


Lang: Prepositions worksheet (16 to 35)

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