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Day: February 10, 2013

Learners in ACTION!

Learners in ACTION!

Language:  Learners were introduced to “Preposition” through a tuning in activity game. They were asked to select any one object from the class and were asked to keep it any where in the class and then were asked to make sentences using those objects where they have kept.  The learners enjoyed playing this game. Definition is written in their Langugae book with few examples.

e.g : The pencil box in under my desk, duster is behind the LCD etc.

Revision done for the stand alone grammar (nouns, adjectives, articles, prnouns, preposition, etc) orally. Dictation was taken for the new words.

Read aloud  ”Play Ball Amelia Bedelia”  was done till pg no 20 and were asked few comprehending questions. They did a pre-reading activity  after reading till 20 pages prediciting “What will happen next ?” .They also did an extension activity wherein thet were given a word “gloomy” and had to find the meaning of the word, write the opposite, make a sentence and illustrate the word given.

U.O.I:   Learners have played many games in their new unit “Who we are” in the PE class as in integration with the unit. The PE coaches came to the classes and took an overall reflection focussing on team building, strategy making and their strengths.  We also looked up the burning questions and made connections with the T.D.T chart.

Math:Introduced “multiplication” through Ice tray activity. Learners were given chanas and were asked to put one in each of the boxes. So 1 chana in 1 box, 1 chana in 2 box and so on.  This was a part of tuning in to multiplication.

For example:  Keep 2 chana in 1 block and so on. They came out that we are adding the 2 again and again 2+2=4, 2+2+2=6.

Integration with Math was done through a number game. The Learners were given 12 digit number and were asked to frame 3, 4, 5 digit numbers and also to make 3 digit odd and even numbers in groups. The learning outcome of this game was that they came to know about their strengths (who was good in writing, good in identifying the digits, cooperation etc).

ICT:  Introduced “storyjumper” to learners. It is an online story making site. Learners where shown the demo of the same. In the next ICT slot, learners will type their story in the story jumper. The name of the site is “”.

Homework: They have to write a short story on their own for the story jumper.