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Day: February 11, 2013

Night out Sr.Kg

Night out Sr.Kg

Night out Sr.Kg Shine

The most exciting and fun frolic event!!! Sr kg Shine had a ball of time in night out with different activities like Jungle gym , dog and the bone, dancing, musical chair and late night chit chats with their peers!!!

They had High jinks time and made the event most memorable!!!

Homework for the day | 11 February

Homework for the day | 11 February


Practice the activated topics on Mindspark.


  • Write a reflection on today’s activity done during Language class.
  • Get your mystery unit  reflection sheet signed and bring it to class tomorrow.
  • Students who have not yet attempted grammar quiz kindly complete it today.


Appreciation for students

Good work, Great expressions! Keep it up.

Appreciation for parents

We would like to thank Grade 6 parents for gracing the exhibition and making our learners’ efforts worthwhile with your presence. Your inputs and feedback encourage our champs to scale newer heights.

Thank you once again!!

Grade 5 Nature Camp Highlights!

Grade 5 Nature Camp Highlights!

Dear parents,

Grade 5 nature camp to Saputara was indeed memorable with a bunch of activities, dances, and games. While tripping, slipping, and getting bruised, students enjoyed the sights and hikes all throughout the trip. Smiles, laughter, cries, and fights were all part of the learning experiences needed in life. A mesmerizing journey, and now a memory to be truly treasured…

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Recap of the day 11-02-2013

Recap of the day 11-02-2013

U.O.I.: Filled the “W” chart (What I want to know?). Learners asked many questions regarding the unit and the natural resources as well which were jotted down on the chart.

Language: Introduced Preposition through a rhyme “Position Song” and also saw a PPT for the same. Learners came up with words like behind, up, down, front, beside etc.

H.W.: Read The cat in the hat book today and write the rhyming words from that book.

Recap of the Day (11/2/2013)

Recap of the Day (11/2/2013)

UOI: Movie was shown – Racing Stripes which had connection with the UOI

Math: Students wrote down the tables of 2 and 3 on colour papers through the bangle activity where in they placed 2 channa’s in one bangle and after that in the paper they had to write 2*1=2 till 2*10=20 and this was done for the table of 3

Single Subject: PYPA and APY


Math: Table of 2 is to be written down for 3 times.