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Day: February 12, 2013

Games can teach me too. 12\02\2013

Games can teach me too. 12\02\2013


UOI:- . The students of grade 2 Think and Explore played game ” tail the cat”. The students       selected 4  participants from each section. All the pair were sent outside the class except one. The pair choose who will be blind folded and who will be giving instructions. The rule was that the instructor can give only 7 instruction and following that instruction the blindfolded partner has to reach the white board where the cat is drawn and the participant has to draw and tail the cat which is missing. Remaining pair was called to tail the cat one by one. The other students observed them play and reflected on their roles.

Learning outcome is that it is important to have good communication skills that includes, listening, giving simple and clear instructions at a time. The students also learned that people have different perspective for the same instructions. Group decision making is also equally important strategy to win the game.

Language:- Revising homophones and homonyms. The students read the reader” Play Ball  Amelia Bedelia” . They made a list of homophones and homonyms in their respective notebook and collectively wrote in a small chart.

Bullying session:- The students took a session on ” What can I do if I am bullied”.

The discussion was taken up and students came up with suggestions which were relevant and applicable. They matched the picture with the foot note to complete the bullying activity. They pasted the matched and completed activity on a colored sheet.


Language:- Preposition worksheet .

Math :- Tables of 1, 2 and 3 to be written in the math note book.

Recap of the day (12/2/2013)

Recap of the day (12/2/2013)

Math: The students learnt doing multiplication by a yet another strategy that is with the help of strips where in they were given stripes of 2 colours. Now for example the colour given was pink and green. Now if they have to calculate 2*3= 6 then hey had to place 2 strips of any one colour vertically which denoted that the calculation is for the table of 2 and now 3 horizontal strips were to be placed on it. Students had to now count the intersection points which led them to the answer 6. The same was done for the table of 3 and then randomly the equations were called upon. 4*6, 5*8 and so on….

UOI: Students wrote down reflection on the movie The Racing Stripes which was shown to them yesterday and successfully made connections with the current unit of inquiry.

I – PAD: The IPAD session included multiplication game and word search puzzle.

Single Subject: AS, PS


Lang: Prepositions Worksheet.


G- 7 Idea,Vision,Insught -Hindi words to prepare a story

G- 7 Idea,Vision,Insught -Hindi words to prepare a story

Dear students,

From story ” maa ka upahaar” find meaning of these words and prepare a story in 100-150 words with the help of these given words.

जूलूस, गोलीबारी, स्वतंत्रता, तैराकी, बैठक, आमंत्रित, पुरस्कार-वितरण,मुख्य-अतिथि,मुक़दमा,योद्धा,स्वर्गवास,यादगार,प्रशंसा,बहादुरी,बर्बरता

Highlights of the day – 12th Febuary.

Highlights of the day – 12th Febuary.

U.O.I :
Read the book “Franklin plays the game” where the tortoise and his team plays the soccer game and inspite of not winning the game they learnt that participation and team work is more important. Oral reflection was taken after reading the book.

Wrote a paragraph on ” The best gift I ever got” and students had to write atleast 10 to 12 lines in their Language book.

For multiplication did a “strip activity”. For the table of two, two strips were kept horizontally and the vertical strip indicated the number it is multiplied by. The intersecting points is the result of the multiplication. Eg. two strips horizontally and one strip vertically, the intersection points are two, so it says like two times one is two, then two times two is four and so on.

Home work: Write the tables of 2 and 3 twice in the note book.

G-3 Inspire Hindi homework

G-3 Inspire Hindi homework

Dear students,

Write in 8-10 lines a story with the help of given words.As already you all wrote this kind of story in a class as practice.

राजु , राज,मित्र,रोना

Grade 3 Innovate Highlights and Homework- 12th Feb’13

Grade 3 Innovate Highlights and Homework- 12th Feb’13

Students prepared for the X-Box performance with full enthusiasm and the event turned out a great success. Parents could identify the students confidence and appreciated the same. Learners prepared for the same for 2 weeks with the curriculum happening in together.

UOI- Understanding the central idea of the unit, students are working on the 2 problems of ‘Food Adulteration’ and ‘Corruption’. As a responsible member of the society, they are taking actions like spreading awareness of these problems in their society and people around them. Students are taking signatures of these people and making charts with the comments given by these people. As a Guest speaker Mr. Chetan Shah working as an accountant in Fountainhead school, joined us on 8th Feb’13 to talk over corruption. Students inquired on their doubts on corruption in different fields.

Students watched many videos on food adulteration and the various ways to test adulterated foods easily at home. Students were amazed to know the adulterants used in different food products.

Going further on our unit we had a guest speaker today from a NGO named Zumbish, which works for the underprivileged children, for a better understanding on the central idea of the unit.

Language- Students are learning adverbs and adjectives through different activities. They are revising parts of speech and tenses too in five minutes grammar skills every day.

Maths- Students are doing division sums and word problems through several worksheets, revising on tables and multiplication too.


Math; Play interactive division games on FSICT grade 3.

UOI- Write reflection on the guest speaker session.

Jr. KG White: Highlight of the week 4th February to 8th February, 2013

Jr. KG White: Highlight of the week 4th February to 8th February, 2013

Circle Time:

Revision of letter: “Aa to Hh”

Morning Message: (Drilling)

  • What is your Name?

My name is…….. (With surname)

  • How are you?

I am fine, thank You.

Habit: 5- Seek first to understand and then to be understood.

Books: Brown Bear Brown Bear

UOI (Year long) : Stories

  • Students made a story using flashcards.
  • Students chose their favorite character and drew stories on laminated cards of the beginning, middle and ending part.
  • While students were making the story, they were guided and reminded to make a story with message.

UOI 3: – Plants:

  • Nature Walk: Students observed different types of plants (tall trees, small trees, thin stems, different types of leaves)
  • Exploration of seed: Students put rajma seed in water in a transparent glass for two days and observed the findings.
  • After observation, they put the soil and seeds in the glass in such a way that it was visible to the students to observe the changes.
  • Teacher planted the seeds in 4 containers. Deprived each container from one condition (water, light, air, soil). Students will be asked observe, compare and record the findings.


  • Word of the week: ‘Integrity’: It means honesty and truthfulness
  • High frequency words: his, has, had, boy, for, out, did

Revision of words (I, she, he, me, we, go, no, so, to, do, up, my, as, at, or, us, by, am, in, you, saw, the, one, two, why, who, and, all, her)

  • Homework: – workbook


  • Introduction of numbers from 31 to 35 orally, using abacus.

  • Revision of concept ascending through numbers.

  • Revision of 3D shape -“cube” and “Cuboid” through Venn-diagram

  • Revision of pattern with manipulative (2 attributes) with all the rules

  • Prior knowledge check for pairing by discussion.

Free Play:

  • Wooden blocks
  • Puppet theatre (Utensils and doctor set)
  • Straw
  • Lacing
  • Life Education:
  • Naming of body parts.


Important Note:-

  • Kindly practice math operations (counting, association, after\before numbers, middle\between numbers and backward-forward counting, more or less, greater than and less than) with your child.
  • For ascending order ask them to arrange any three objects according to the size from small to big. Then you can take different quantities  of same objects and ask them to arrange according from less to more. If your child is clear with the concept, then give them flash cards of numbers and ask to arrange according to ascending  order.
  • And in language, practice identification and writing  of letters (capital and small letters) and its associations (‘A’ for apple, almond, ambulance, apron, anchor, astronaut, etc.
  • Please keep a track on your child’s progress/learning.
  • Kindly send writing ring as mentioned on the blog, earlier.
  • Please send the reader ‘Brown Bear’  and Good night Moon every Monday and it will be returned on Friday’s, so that you can also have your child read it.