Games can teach me too. 12\02\2013

Games can teach me too. 12\02\2013


UOI:- . The students of grade 2 Think and Explore played game ” tail the cat”. The students       selected 4  participants from each section. All the pair were sent outside the class except one. The pair choose who will be blind folded and who will be giving instructions. The rule was that the instructor can give only 7 instruction and following that instruction the blindfolded partner has to reach the white board where the cat is drawn and the participant has to draw and tail the cat which is missing. Remaining pair was called to tail the cat one by one. The other students observed them play and reflected on their roles.

Learning outcome is that it is important to have good communication skills that includes, listening, giving simple and clear instructions at a time. The students also learned that people have different perspective for the same instructions. Group decision making is also equally important strategy to win the game.

Language:- Revising homophones and homonyms. The students read the reader” Play Ball  Amelia Bedelia” . They made a list of homophones and homonyms in their respective notebook and collectively wrote in a small chart.

Bullying session:- The students took a session on ” What can I do if I am bullied”.

The discussion was taken up and students came up with suggestions which were relevant and applicable. They matched the picture with the foot note to complete the bullying activity. They pasted the matched and completed activity on a colored sheet.


Language:- Preposition worksheet .

Math :- Tables of 1, 2 and 3 to be written in the math note book.

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