Grade 3 Innovate Highlights and Homework- 12th Feb’13

Grade 3 Innovate Highlights and Homework- 12th Feb’13

Students prepared for the X-Box performance with full enthusiasm and the event turned out a great success. Parents could identify the students confidence and appreciated the same. Learners prepared for the same for 2 weeks with the curriculum happening in together.

UOI- Understanding the central idea of the unit, students are working on the 2 problems of ‘Food Adulteration’ and ‘Corruption’. As a responsible member of the society, they are taking actions like spreading awareness of these problems in their society and people around them. Students are taking signatures of these people and making charts with the comments given by these people. As a Guest speaker Mr. Chetan Shah working as an accountant in Fountainhead school, joined us on 8th Feb’13 to talk over corruption. Students inquired on their doubts on corruption in different fields.

Students watched many videos on food adulteration and the various ways to test adulterated foods easily at home. Students were amazed to know the adulterants used in different food products.

Going further on our unit we had a guest speaker today from a NGO named Zumbish, which works for the underprivileged children, for a better understanding on the central idea of the unit.

Language- Students are learning adverbs and adjectives through different activities. They are revising parts of speech and tenses too in five minutes grammar skills every day.

Maths- Students are doing division sums and word problems through several worksheets, revising on tables and multiplication too.


Math; Play interactive division games on FSICT grade 3.

UOI- Write reflection on the guest speaker session.

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