Highlights of the day – 12th Febuary.

Highlights of the day – 12th Febuary.

U.O.I :
Read the book “Franklin plays the game” where the tortoise and his team plays the soccer game and inspite of not winning the game they learnt that participation and team work is more important. Oral reflection was taken after reading the book.

Wrote a paragraph on ” The best gift I ever got” and students had to write atleast 10 to 12 lines in their Language book.

For multiplication did a “strip activity”. For the table of two, two strips were kept horizontally and the vertical strip indicated the number it is multiplied by. The intersecting points is the result of the multiplication. Eg. two strips horizontally and one strip vertically, the intersection points are two, so it says like two times one is two, then two times two is four and so on.

Home work: Write the tables of 2 and 3 twice in the note book.

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