Recap of the day (12/2/2013)

Recap of the day (12/2/2013)

Math: The students learnt doing multiplication by a yet another strategy that is with the help of strips where in they were given stripes of 2 colours. Now for example the colour given was pink and green. Now if they have to calculate 2*3= 6 then hey had to place 2 strips of any one colour vertically which denoted that the calculation is for the table of 2 and now 3 horizontal strips were to be placed on it. Students had to now count the intersection points which led them to the answer 6. The same was done for the table of 3 and then randomly the equations were called upon. 4*6, 5*8 and so on….

UOI: Students wrote down reflection on the movie The Racing Stripes which was shown to them yesterday and successfully made connections with the current unit of inquiry.

I – PAD: The IPAD session included multiplication game and word search puzzle.

Single Subject: AS, PS


Lang: Prepositions Worksheet.


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