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Day: February 13, 2013

Grade 3 Inspire Highlights and Homework- 13th February 2013

Grade 3 Inspire Highlights and Homework- 13th February 2013

Circle time- Meditation.

UOI- Students prepared for the exhibition and discussed the different roles they will play. They also bifurcated themselves into groups for DFC (feel, imagine and do).

Math- Students checked their cut and paste worksheet through class discussion and were asked to correct the mistakes in their math notebook as homework.

Language- As a ‘Literary Event’ we conducted ‘Spelling Bee competition’ within Grade 3. This event was organized to enhance the linguistics skills among the students.


UOI- Take actions and collect evidences.

Language- Comprehension worksheet ‘Interview at the Market’.

Math- Play interactive games related to division on fsict- grade 3.

Highlights and homework for the day | 13 Feb ’13

Highlights and homework for the day | 13 Feb ’13


We discussed the first two chapters of our new reader and the associated multiple choice quiz. We have started developing our word wall. Focusing on few words in detail helps in understanding its usage and empowers students to include it in their vocabulary. We also discussed the grammar quiz #2 answers.

  • Read chapters 3-5 and answer these questions.
  • Write the meaning and usage of the following words discussed in your respective groups.
  1. Preeti ma’am’s group: intrigued, dwelling, rasping, jeering, ironic.
  2. Shahnaz ma’am’s group: sickening, squint, palpable, fidget.
  3. Lulua ma’am’s group: apprehensive, prominent, fret, distraught, transgression.


We discussed the h.w worksheet which focuses on writing mathematical expressions and how to convert verbal expressions into mathematical expressions. We used a PPT to enforce the same. We have started with use of BODMAS/BIDMAS in algebraic expressions.

  • Aryabhatts need to solve Ex. 2.1. A. 1,3,4,8 and 10 in their math book.
  • Pythagoras Solve Ex. 2.1.A. 2,5,6,7 and 9; Ex. 2.1.B. 2,4,5,7 and 9 in their math book.


Today we formally inaugurated our new unit which happens to be the PYP exhibition unit also. It was a tuning-in activity in the form of a drama performed by all the mentors to get the mentees think about their central idea. Students then came up with some keywords which help them in forming their central idea.

  • Write the central idea based on the tuning-in activity.
  •  Watch the below video to get a better understanding of what the fourth case in the tuning-in talked about.
  • Narmada Diary


  • 7 students have still not submitted consent form for nature camp. Kindly do so by tomorrow.
Hindi Homework For Grade: 9

Hindi Homework For Grade: 9

Read story “श्रुति” from “सीपिया” from page no. 84 to 88.

Take any one picture of any person, stick it on one blank page and discribe the character  in Hindi.(as given in the book) in your words. (minimum 100 words). submission will be on Monday 18: 02:2013

Highlights of the Week – 5/02/13 to 13/02/13

Highlights of the Week – 5/02/13 to 13/02/13

Highlights of the week (5/02/13  to  13/02/13)

UOI: (1) Played different types of outdoor games such as Snatching the eggs/ball, Passing the ball, Dodge the ball, Color color, etc. They also played indoor game – Broken Squares. The learners also wrote reflections after playing each game. They even focused on the CI, Key Concepts, LPs, Attitude and LOI of the current Unit.

(2) Watched the movie ‘Racing Stripes’ and wrote reflection on it. They focused on their strengths and weaknesses and brainstormed on improving their weaknesses.

(3)The learners watched the games played (role play showing examples)and interacted with Vardan Sir who was invited as a Guest Speaker to enhance their knowledge on Games which was also one of the learning engagements for the current Unit.

(4) The learners played the game – ‘Tail the Cat’ and shared their experiences and learning through this game, which again was one of the integration of Unit with PE.

Lang: (1) Completed the reading of the Reader ‘Play Ball Amelia Bedelia’.

(2) Focused on the grammar concepts and Homophones and Homonyms from the reader orally as well as through an activity.

(3) Also comprehended the reader to improve their comprehending skills.

(4) Brainstorming of the paragraph on ‘The best gift I got’ was done and discussed in class.

ICT:  (an integration with Lang) Explored and typed their own stories using the tool – story jumper. Learners can complete their story on the following link -     Learners have to use their userid and password as – fsinvent and do the needful.

Math:  (1) Learners were introduced with ‘Multiplication’ through an activity with ice-tray and beans (chana). Students were asked to put the beans in each box of their tray as per the instructions and were asked to count them. This made them understand the usage and concept of Multiplication well.

(2) Learners also did the activities with paper strips and bangles & chana to make their understanding clear. They also wrote tables of  1,2,3 and 4 in their note books.

I-Pad Session: Students played a game on ‘Multiplication, Word search and Verb game’ in this session.

H.W:-  (1) Write a paragraph on ‘My favourite Movie’ in the given sheet.

(2) Write the table of 4 twice in the Math note book.

Imp. NOTE: Kindly check the blog on regular basis. Also check your child’s H.W daily and sign it.

Complete the story on ‘story jumper’ as instructed by Monday – 18/02/13 (Day-2).


Dear Parents,

Sweatshirts are now available in school store. They can be worn during winters and also for sports activities  It is red in color with the school logo on it and is manufactured by the ‘United Colors of Benetton’. If you are interested in buying the sweatshirt, write a note in the diary and send a cheque along with it. The cheque should be in the favor of ‘Fountainhead Education Trust’. Students can purchase the sweatshirts according to their size from our school stores during their break or free period. The sizes and price are as below:

Sizes Rate
XS 800
Kids – Small 800
Kids – Medium 800
Kids – Large 800
Kids – EL 800
Adult – S 925
Adult – L 925

Fountainhead School.


This photograph shows how the sweatshirt looks like.
Side view of the sweatshirt