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Day: February 14, 2013

Math Multiplication Activity

Math Multiplication Activity

The students learnt doing multiplication by a yet another strategy that is with the help of strips where in they were given stripes of 2 colours. Now for example the colour given was pink and green. Now if they have to calculate 2*3= 6 then hey had to place 2 strips of any one colour vertically which denoted that the calculation is for the table of 2 and now 3 horizontal strips were to be placed on it. Students had to now count the intersection points which led them to the answer 6. The same was done for the table of 3 and then randomly the equations were called upon. 4*6, 5*8 and so on….

Highlights of the day – 14th February.

Highlights of the day – 14th February.

Read the story ” Berenstain bears get their kicks” and made a story book related to it. This was integrated with U.O.I and to what skills u need to play the game and how you should play the game, having no bias towards a particular game.

“Bangle activity” was done with the help of chanas to teach multiplication. Groups of 4-5 learners were formed. 10 bangles were given to each group. They had to put all the 10 bangles in pairs on the table and then put chanas in each bangle. E.g. 3 chanas in 1st bangle is 3, 3 chanas in 2nd bangle makes 6, 3 chanas in 3rd bangle makes 9 and so on. This was one another way they learnt multiplication.

Complete the story book with the cover page and learn the new spelling.

Highlights of 13th and 14th February 2013

Highlights of 13th and 14th February 2013

UOI: A session was taken by Vardan Sir. The students were explained the reasons of playing a fair game. A role play was done by PE team and Vardan sir. The students really enjoyed the discussion and have demanded for more sessions.

They have also reflected their understanding on “Tail the cat” using graphic organizer.

Learners played the “Maze game”. In this alphabets were written on the floor randomly in a matrix square. Students were grouped in 2 teams and in the first round teams were given time to make words from the alphabets written on the floor. They were asked to frame 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 letters words. They reflected that in this game we needs to do group decision making. They also said that communication is very important while playing any game.

Language: Learners completed their incomplete work in their grammar and comprehension workbooks. They completed their reader “Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia”.

Math: learners learnt table of 3 using paper strips. Then they were asked to find out the answer using number strips.

For ex: 6 X 7 = _____    5 X 5 = _______

Anti- Bullying Session: Session were conducted on “what I can do if I get Bullied”. Learners reflected that we can say no to the person who is bullying. They also said that we can tell any elder or teacher, we can avoid the person who is bullying. They also did the activity based on it.

H.W.: Language W/S Sent

Highlights and homework for the day | 14 Feb ’14

Highlights and homework for the day | 14 Feb ’14


We discussed focused words and its usage. Students feel enlightened when we discuss these words and sentences with them. We also reviewed ch 3-5 and the associated quiz. Learners are very excited to attempt these quizzes and extremely eager to know how well they have done.

  • Your next language class is on Monday. By then you have to complete reading up-till chapter 10. Associated quiz and some other questions will be posted on the blog tomorrow. Even that you have to complete by Monday.


We went further with BODMAS and solved an exercise based on it from Checkpoint. We also looked at geometry and its formulae through the lens of Algebraic expressions. How to write an expression if we need to find the perimeter/area of a given shape with some dimensions which are unknown was looked in to and will be discussed again tomorrow.

  • Pythagoras needs to solve Ex.2.2 Q.No. 2,3, 7, 8
  • Aryabhatta complete Ex 2.1 B. b 1-10


Students who are not coming for Nature camp kindly get a note in your diary from your parents.

Grade 5 – Reciprocity, Highlights and Homework (14/02/13)

Grade 5 – Reciprocity, Highlights and Homework (14/02/13)

UOI – : Based on the three readings that  the students have done in the initiation activity in their group ( think – pair – share activity), they exhibited their understanding from these readings using graphic tool of their choice in the class. We also discussed about the digital devices we all use and their influence in our lives. We also watched some videos showing the impact of digital devices in our lives.

Homework -: As discussed in the class, complete the concept map in your UOI note book.

Math -: Students practiced on the sums using the decimals and all the concepts taught till date. Today, they learnt about the rounding of the decimal numbers.

Homework -: Complete the worksheets given.

Language -: This week the students learnt about the Haiku poem. They composed their own haiku in their poetry book.



Recap of the day (14/2/2013)

Recap of the day (14/2/2013)

UOI:  Alphabets were written on the floor randomly in a matrix square. Students were grouped in 3 to 4 teams and in the first round teams were given time to make words from the alphabets written on the floor. In the second round students had to show the words that they made by jumping the blocks of letters on the floor in a given time limit.

The learners played this game in pairs. One participant tied a cloth on eyes and the other participant guided the blind partner towards the cat drawn on the white board and thus by cooperating with each other have to tail the cat. Students also wrote down self reflection on the same.

Single Subject: PS, Gujarati


Lang: Learn the new words.

Math: Write table of 3 for 3 times.

Literary Events….!!!

Literary Events….!!!

Dear parents,

Grade 1 are arranging Literary Events like Poem Recitation and Handwriting competition. Children are already aware about the competition and has given their names for the same. It is voluntarily, So please prepare your child for the competitions. It will be an Inter-House event.

Thanks & Regards,

Grade-1 Team.