Jr. K.G Indigo: Highlight of the week 11th February to 15th February, 2013

Jr. K.G Indigo: Highlight of the week 11th February to 15th February, 2013


Morning Message: (Drilling)

  • Where do you live?

I live in Surat.

  • What is your mother’s name?

My mother’s name is ……….

  • What is your father’s name?

My father’s name is ………..

(Kindly revise the same at home, as few students are not aware of their parent’s name.)



  • Students made a story using flashcards.
  • Students chose their favorite character and drew stories on laminated cards of the beginning, middle and ending part.
  • While students were making the story, they were guided and reminded to make a story with message.
  • Introduction: Mask
  • Revision of stick puppets
[UnitOfInquiry] Plants:

  1. Seeds were given for planting in the school premises for plantation. Three different types of seeds were given and students had to choose the seed of their choice and made a pictograph on the no. of students planting different types of seeds.
  2. Discussion was done about how to plant the seed keeping in mind the space.
  3. Discussion was done on how to take care of the plant they had grown.

Activity on UOI plants:http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/scienceclips/ages/5_6/growing_plants_fs.shtml


  • Word of the week: “Balanced”: All the aspects of life are equally important. E.g. we need to write, watch video, play, Dance, Music etc.
  • Revision of letter: “Ii to Oo” (Kindly practice the same at home.)
  • High frequency words: see, him, our, day, can, some.
  • Reader:  Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?


  • Introduction of numbers from 31 to 35 orally, using abacus.
  • Revision of concept ascending through numbers.
  • Revision of 3D shape -“cube” and “Cuboid” through Venn-diagram
  • Revision of pattern with manipulative (2 attributes) with all the rules
  • Introduction of pairing with pictures and objects.

Free Play:

  • ·        Wooden blocks
  • ·        Puppet theatre (Utensils and doctor set)
  • ·        Straw
  • ·        Lacing
  • ·        Life Education:
  • ·        Naming of body parts.

Important Note:-

  • Kindly send reader ‘Brown bear, brown bear-Eric Carle’ on Monday 182\2013. It will be kept in the class and returned back by 28th February, 2013
  • Please send one plastic ring with your child Monday, this will help the child remember which hand he/she needs to use while writing, as well as the correct finger position to use while writing
  • Kindly practice math operations (counting, association, after\before numbers, middle\between numbers and backward-forward counting, more or less, greater than and less than) with your child. And in language, practice identification of letters (capital and small letters) and its associations (‘A’ for apple, almond, ambulance, apron, anchor, astronaut, etc.)
  • Please keep a track on your child’s progress/learning.
  • Kindly revise Music rhymes with students which have already been posted on blog.

Have a great weekend!



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