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Day: February 20, 2013

Visual Art Special

Visual Art Special

Grade 5 and 6 Visual Art Special

Learners have made creative art work and learned different art forms like Kalamkari motifs, Warli art, Madhubani paintings, mask making. It was a creative journey for them in Visual Art Special.

Grade 6, Highlights and Homework for 20th February, 2013

Grade 6, Highlights and Homework for 20th February, 2013

Language: We reviewed chapter 11 and 12 and the quiz associated to it. We also learnt how to write a summary.

Follow the steps that we discussed for summary writing (Refer the links given below) and summarize the below passage in language notebook. You will have a formative assessment tomorrow which will check for your understanding of ch 1-10 of the reader along with assessing your summary writing skills.

Passage to be summarized


Read Chapters 13 and 14 and attempt this quiz.(Due date: 22/2/13)


Aryabhatta: Complete Q.No. 2, 4 and 5; Ex. 16.1;Checkpoint Math

Pythagoras: Complete Q.No.2,3,5,6,8 and 9; Ex.16.2; Checkpoint Math


We watched a video “Dinner for two” and understood that in nature small conflicts may at times result in disrupting the entire environment.

Write the following in your exhibition journal (Date of submission:22/2/13)

1)Reflection of the video, connecting it to the Central idea

2) Under the Central idea :

Finding peaceful solutions to conflicts leads to a better quality of human life” 

identify the following:

  • Key concepts 
  • Lines of inquiry 
  • Key Learner Profiles
  • Key Skills
  • Key Attitudes
  • What action can you think of under this CI?
Language Assignment – Pygmalion, February 20, 2013.

Language Assignment – Pygmalion, February 20, 2013.

We have written the answers to and discussed these questions in class today. Keeping in mind the key points of each please rewrite the answers to the questions.

1. Does ‘Pygmalion’ uphold the issue of social class? Explain giving example of both Higgins’ and Pickering’s point of view.

2. What does Eliza mean when she says “I am good girl”?

3. How is Mrs. Higgins’ house different from her son’s?

No internet usage required.

Approximate duration: 45 minutes.

Date of submission: Friday, February 22, 2013.



page no. 63 to 66 of Hindi workbook. The remaining two lines of writing alphabets “प” and “फ” and coloring the pictures related those alphabets is Homework.

G 3, Imbue, Highlights of the day (21st Feb)

G 3, Imbue, Highlights of the day (21st Feb)

UOI- Students prepared charts ,drama and song to spread awareness for their topic save energy and protect animals.Save energy group went across grade 1 to 6 to spread awareness through drama they received good feedback from almost all the HRT’s .

Language-Revision of adverbs.

Math- Revision of associative property.

Library-Students issued books and read books related to their topic.

Home work

Home work

Maths- Complete work sheets

Language-Complete work sheets

UOI- Collect evidences and prepare for DFC.