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Day: February 25, 2013

Highlights and Homework of Feb 25

Highlights and Homework of Feb 25

Day 2

The learners saw few videos on social issues and Tv shows and answered few questions for the same. Ch 6 and 7 of the reader George Marvelous Medicine and Matilda respectively was read and explained.
Poster on any social issue in groups/individually, A3 size paper has been given
Complete the Poster of the product chosen on  
A math worksheet on Time
Research about ‘Mir Ranjan Negi’ Discussion on ‘Media Ethics’ for the same will be taken in the class tomorrow.
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Assembly in Early Years

Assembly in Early Years

Glimpse of Assembly

It is a great pleasure to bring forth some of the glimpses of the SR.KG Parent Assembly held on 25th February, 2013. A set of SR.KG parents volunteered to showcase their interest in the assembly wherein they performed through different forms of art.

The parents were divided into three groups :

1- Drama and visual Art: This group performed an excellent Drama expressing the idea of bullying. They also integrated Visual arts through banners that flashed quotes /messages regarding bulling.

2- Dance: A very emotional act performed through dance which passed a message about ” CARING”.

3- Mime: This was a humorous act through which the parents showcased the idea of being planned and unplanned for any given event. (Picnic)

It was a great experience to have the parents perform for the tiny tots. We all enjoyed every moment of the performance.

We take the honor to appreciate all the parents who put in the hard work to make this event a success within a short span of time.

Language with Math – 18th – 22nd Feb

Language with Math – 18th – 22nd Feb

Language:  Amanda Bean’s Amazing dream book was read to the learners. It is a story on multiplication. Amanda Bean is a girl who knows anything and everything about counting. In the end she learns that multiplication is an easiest and faster way to count. Through read aloud learners reflected that multiplication is the quick way to count anything. It is important to learn multiplication facts to count fast. In a group of 4-5 they solved 2-3 different riddles from the book.

e.g.: Which has more wheels—5 tricycles or 7 bicycle?

9 books in 7 shelves, so how many in all?

Read aloud on “Moccasin Goalie” was done. The story is about a boy name Danny who had a crippled leg, but still plays ice-hockey and makes his team wins the match. Through this reader, the learners learnt that they should build the attitude of confidence and the LP of being a risk taker.

Story sequencing of the reader “Play Ball Amelia Bedelia” was done to know their understanding of the book. The students took the help of the reader in order to get the correct sequence of the story.

Literary event: As a part of the literary event, learners were asked to make small story book. They were asked to make the story on their own which led to their creativity. It is inter house competition

U.O.I:- Learners reflected their understanding of the unit “Who We Are” using spiral graphic organizer. They reflected on all the games played in the P.E class as well as in class.

Math:- Learners watched “Appu” series videos related to tables of 2, 3, 4 and 5 were shown. As for the table of 2; the answer is double the number, for the table of 3; the 1st 2 numbers you have to whisper and the third number you have to say loudly.

ICT:- The students used the “storyjumper” tool to complete their story  in the ICT class. They were thoroughly involved and are justifying the role of being an author of their own story with illustrations.

Home work done?

Home work done?

Dear parents,
I plead to each one of you to see that your child is doing the given home work.Please check their notebooks for H.W. Some times if no H.W. is given,do not think that the child has nothing to do.The child has to revise his\her class work.(Some reading,writing, comprehending,spelling,punctuating,dictation,etc.)
Today some of the children failed to bring the H.W. I am maintaining a record of those children who are repeatedly failing or forgeting to show their H.W.and I will get in touch with you.Please help me to help your child.

Today they got the class library books.Deu to some ‘book issue’ I was unable to provide them with books earlier.

Please send some old bits of cloth, broken toys, coloured strings,sponge, some plastic bits.They will be doing an interesting activity in the class.

Recap of the day 25-02-2013

Recap of the day 25-02-2013

U.O.I.: Waste Audit was conducted by the students in grade 3.

Reading center: Read books written by Authors taken in “How we express ourselves” unit also played a word game and framed questions orally from the words like who, How, When, Why etc.

H.W.: Read books which are given as readers at home.

Note: Please send some waste materials such as plastic bottle, cloth which is of no use, old toys etc. for the “Best out of Waste” activity.

Hiral Thakar

Recap of the day (25/2/2013)

Recap of the day (25/2/2013)

Lang: A song was played related to prepositions and the lyrics were given to the children so that they understand the wordings of the song. Later the students had to underline the prepositions in the lyrics that were given to them. We also crossed checked the prepositions that the students had underlined and the students were made aware of their mistakes.

Math: Students did multiplication through real life applications and made their own word problems. E.g. There are 3 racks in 1 cupboard so how many racks are there in 6 cupboards. So first they did 3+3+3+3+3+3= 18. Then later they did 3*6=18.

Also oral dodging was taken as in the rapid fire way.

Single Subject: PYPA.

Class photo shoot was taken.


Lang: Write down 10 sentences from “Play Ball Amelia Bedelia” and underline the prepositions in it.

New words given.

Grade 09 Field trip (CoS and EVM)

Grade 09 Field trip (CoS and EVM)

Dear Students,

Tomorrow we are having a field trip to SVNIT, Mechanical Engineering department. We will leave by 10.30 am bus. You will need your notebook and a pen. The trip is for both Coordinated Science and Environmental management students. You need to be in full uniform.

Regards Bhargavi.