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Day: February 26, 2013

Recap of the day (26/2/2013)

Recap of the day (26/2/2013)

UOI: A new unit is started under the TDT “Sharing the Planet”. A video was shown related to the concept “Causation” and the same was derived from the students. They were explained the cause and effect relationship and real life connections were made. eg. If I get up late in the morning (cause) so I miss my bus (effect)

IPAD: Students played word puzzle. It was a competition between the teacher and all the students. It was very much thrilling to see their excitement and enthusiasm in order to win.

Single Subject: AS, PS, Hindi.


Math: Write the table of 5,6,7.



Dear parents,

Please note that now onwards we are going to take dictation of all matras one by one in Hindi class,which is part of summetive assessment,words for dictation will be taken from these mentioned page numbers from their Hindi workbook “Svar gyan”. Kindly help your child doing  practice for it.

Schedual for the dictation is here:-

Last week of February – “ऐ” ki matra page no. 44

First week of March – “ओ” ki matra page no. 49

Second week of March – “औ” ki matra page no. 54

Grade 6, Homework for the day 26th February, 2013.

Grade 6, Homework for the day 26th February, 2013.

Dear All,

Homework for the day is as follows:


  • Attempt quiz for Chp 15-17 (All those who have not attempted it)
  • Bring your Language Scrap Books for The Giver to class tomorrow.
  • Answer the following questions in your scrapbook in 100-150 words. (Due date 27 Feb)
    1. Do you think the elderly should be part of the community, or separate, as in Jonas’s community?
    2.Do you think Jonas’s parents love him? Do you think they know what love is?


  • Complete the Reflection booklet given to you during the Nature Camp.
  • Write down the reflection of today’s Guest Speaker Session in your Exhibition Journal.
  • Bring both to class tomorrow (Exhibition Journal and the Nature Camp Booklet).
Grade 09 H.W. SVNIT field trip questions

Grade 09 H.W. SVNIT field trip questions

Type of homework: Research based

Duration: 60 minutes

Date of submission: 28/2/13

1. Who invented the electron microscope?

2. Name the basic components of the electron microscope.

3. What is electron gun?

4. What are electromagnetic lenses?

5. State the role of secondary electrons in the working of SEM.

6. How is vaccum created in SEM and why is it necessary?

HIghlights and Homework (26th Feb)

HIghlights and Homework (26th Feb)



Students were given introduction to debate today and given a topic to speak on “Is watching television good or bad?”.


More exposure to angles was given.


Read aloud of chapter 8 from both the readers was done.


1. Complete the math worksheet.

2. Prepare for tomorrows debate.

Highlights and homework 26 Feb.’13

Highlights and homework 26 Feb.’13



Facts and figures about certain products were shown to the learners and a discussion on ‘critical evaluation of messages presented by media’ was done in class.


Learners were introduced to persuasive writing through an exemplar.


Maths worksheets.

Glogster advertisement print out.