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Day: February 27, 2013

Recap of the day 27-02-2013

Recap of the day 27-02-2013

U.O.I.: Visit to the compost making machine in the school. Learners threw all the vegetable waste collected from the kitchen inside the machine with the guidance of the gardener (Mali Kaka). They also wrote the reflection on the same by drawing pictures and wrote the process as well.

Note: Please encourage your child to be present tomorrow as we have planned a field trip to Suez water treatment plant.

H.W.: Please check the blog for language homework.

Reflection of the day.

Reflection of the day.

UOI- The learners visited the school compost machine today. They saw the school waste go into the machine with the mixture of ‘Bio Culture’ and ‘Sawdust.’They saw how this mixture then turns into manure, and is later used for the school plants.After the visit the learners wrote their reflection on the same and they did the drawing and labled them.The learners also made ‘Best out of waste’with the items they brought from home.In these two activities the learners expressed their understanding about ‘Reuse’and ‘Recycle’

Please make the child do the Lan. H. W. on line.




page no. 67 TO 70 of Hindi workbook. The remaining two lines of writing alphabets “ब” and “भ” and coloring the pictures related those alphabets is Homework.

Highlight of the day

Highlight of the day

[HighlightOfTheDay] 27/2/2013


Done read aloud of all the stories that the students wrote down in the story writing competition.


Thinking activity wherein they had to sketch out a new object and had to describe it in detail.



One comprehension given

Suruchi Arora

Recap of the day 27/2/2013

Recap of the day 27/2/2013

Dear Parents,
Reflection of the day:

UOI: “Best out of the best activity” conducted.
Visited school “COMPOSTER”: Learners observed the waste produced by school goes into the Composter and is turned into “Manure” and learners were instructed about its use.

Language H.W. :- language HW on the blog.

Thanks & Regards,
Shivani Dharia
Grade 1 Concord.

Grade 6, Home work for the day, 27th February,2013.

Grade 6, Home work for the day, 27th February,2013.

Dear All,

Home work for the day is as follows:


In Math we started with balancing of equations which was explained through the cups and counter activity. Through this activity learners could understand how to balance variables and constants. The link to the video is posted on fsict for your reference.


Checkpoint Math:

Complete Ex.9.1 A


Checkpoint Math; Ex.9.1 C, Q.No. 2,4,6,7, and 9

Ex.9.1 D;Q.No. 1, 4, 6, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19 and 20


Taking our reader, The Giver By Lois Lowry, further we discussed the chapters read so far and also the answers to open ended questions written by our learners in their scrap book. Today our learners picked up words from Ch 13-17. These words will be discussed in class tomorrow(28th Feb,2013) as per the format given in class today.

  • Read Ch 18-19 and attempt the quiz.(Due date 1 March)
  • Visit the following link to attempt the quiz:
  • Make a list of rules in Jonas’ community. (Due date 28 Feb)
  • Write the Pronunciation, Meaning, Usage, Own sentence, Gesture/Small picture of the word picked by you from Ch 13-17


UOI: Date of submission(1st march, Friday)

  • Complete the worksheet-“Early take on conflicts”
  • Complete the nature camp reflection booklet.While writing about your learning experience at little Rann of Kachchh focus on the following points:
  1. How do you feel about this learning experience?
  2. What skills have you learnt from this visit?
Highlights of the day – 27th Feb.

Highlights of the day – 27th Feb.

Did author study about the authors ‘Peggy parish and Stan and Jan Berenstain’. Learners researched on most of the books written by both the authors. They will be given enough time to do the research on the authors. They were divided in pairs, one partner selected Piggy Parish and the other Stan and Jan Berenstain and then later in some another slot the partners will discuss with each other about the authors they studied. In the authors study they need to study about how the authors write, their writing style, the characters they use, the plots, background etc. They can even do the research from home.

Saw the videos of the tables 8, 9 and 10. Learners wrote the tables once in their math notebook. Dodging was also taken in the class of tables 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Learners have also written the ‘tips for tables’ in the book.

Home work:
Learn the tables from 6 to 10.
Those whose story is left to be written in the story jumper, do complete it.

Hindi homework for g-9 Serendipity

Hindi homework for g-9 Serendipity

Dear students,

Visit or or Dainik choose any one article and paraphrase it in 100-120 words.

प्रिय छात्रो!

आपकी रीडर “सीपियाँ” से कहानी “रहस्य की बात” में सीमा और पापा के बीच हुए वार्तालाप को संवाद रूप में लिखे.