Grade 6, Homework for the day, 28th February,2013.

Grade 6, Homework for the day, 28th February,2013.

Dear All,

Homework for the day is as follows:


We started our language class with the word wizard activity, wherein each learner explained the word selected by them from our current reader, The Giver by Lois Lowry. Next in line was a game where we played passing the parcel. When the music stopped the learner had to write the rules of Jonas’ community on the given chart paper and hence we could collect all the rules in the community which have been introduced so far. The criteria was passing the can through their feet which was fun. Poor can was crushed by the end of the activity.

  • Read Ch 20-21 and attempt the quiz. Visit the link to attempt the quiz:                           (Due date: 4th March)
  • Answer the following questions in your scrapbook in 100-150 words.
  1. What do you think of what Jonas’s community calls “release”? Were you surprised at what it was?How do you think this new knowledge will affect Jonas? Ch 19
  2. Jonas knows that if his plan fails, he could be killed. But he believes that if he stays, his life is no longer worth living. Do you agree? Ch 20
  3. How do you think The Giver will feel when he realizes Jonas is gone? How will Jonas’s friends and family feel? Ch 21


Going further with Algebra, the concept of Transposition was introduced. Transposition is shifting the term from one side of the equation to the other. Learners were able to solve some examples in class using different operations such as multiplication,division, addition and subtraction.


Math Checkpoint :

Ex.9.1 B: Q.No. 3, 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, and 19.


Complete Ex.9.3 A remaining sums till Q.No.8.(Remember to write the equations pertaining to the sums)


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