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Day: February 28, 2013

Highlight of the day

Highlight of the day

[HighlightOfTheDay] 28/2/2013


Author study of two authors Peggy Parish and Stan and Jan Berenstain. Couple of books of both the authors were there in the class. Students had to analyze both the books on the basis of the writing style, characters, plot of the story and background setting. The same will be continued for the next week as well.


Multiplication word problems. The word problem was done in two steps.

Step 1: 7+7+7+7=28

Step 2: 7 times 4




The second key concept responsibility was discussed through oral discussion. Also the students connected both the key concepts: Causation and Responsibility to their personal life.


Bullying: Yet another session on bullying.


Math: Write the table of 5,6,7

Suruchi Arora

Highlights and homework 28 Feb.’13

Highlights and homework 28 Feb.’13



A discussion on how media acts as a control. And how it affects the perspective of the people was done through a ppt.


Sums on time and angles were done.


Real aloud of chapter 8 of the readers was done in class.


U.O.I worksheet.

Matilda work sheet chapter 7.

George worksheet chapter 6 & 7.

Maths word problems.

Grade 3 Exhibition invitation to parents

Grade 3 Exhibition invitation to parents

Dear parents,

The students of Grade 3 are organizing an exhibition related to their current UOI: Communities function more effectively through responsible participation of individual and all stakeholders. You are requested to visit the exhibition as it will provide you with a firsthand look at what your child is learning at school. This initiative is designed to highlight the importance of parental involvement in a child’s education. We encourage you to participate in this important event as it will provide great motivation to the students.

Timings: 11.30 am to 1.00 pm; Date: Friday, 1st March 2013; Venue: Respective classes

Thanking you,

Grade 3 Team.

Easel Painting

Easel Painting

Easel Painting

Learner’s demonstrated the Attitude: CREATIVITY very well in their Easel painting time. They thoroughly enjoyed painting and drew different things like: caterpillar, car, building, petrol pump, flower, sun, etc.

Highlights and Homework of Feb 28

Highlights and Homework of Feb 28

Day 5

Math- The learners practiced some sums on Angles. Yesterday’s homework was discussed and doubts were clarified.
Lang- Debate on topic “Pocket money-For/Against. Matilda/ George Marvelous Medicine Ch 7 and 8 Read aloud and Explanation.

Sums on Angles and Draw a circle (360 degree) and divide it (10,20,30 degree)
A worksheet on Persuasion Strategy
Worksheet on Ch 7 (Reader)
Letter writing to Roald Dahl telling him which book you love the most and why OR write a persuasive letter to convince your friend to buy Roald Dahl’s books( To be submitted on Monday)

Note:- Bring the library books tomorrow. Come in full school uniform as class photograph is to be taken.

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Language Assignment – Pygmalion as a Fairy Tale, February 28, 2013.

Language Assignment – Pygmalion as a Fairy Tale, February 28, 2013.

This week we have tried to define fairy-tales and compared Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw to a fairy-tale. We have seen snippets of the following movies – Shrek, Ella Enchanted, Tangled, Puss in Boots, Cinderella and have identified fourteen aspects to keep in mind while trying to understand fairy-tales.

  1. Special beginning and/or ending words ~ Once upon a time…and they lived happily ever after.
  2. The triumph of good over evil
  3. The description of characters; most of them painted either black or white. Hence, we have helpless princesses, evil stepmothers etc.
  4. The rich and the poor, the social diagram with the fairy godmother or the evil witch at the topmost rung of the social ladder.
  5. The element of magic and enchantments;  One definitely sees fairies, trolls, elves, goblins.
  6. Universal Truths like  coming of age, hope, family, love and many more.
  7. Great journeys – both figurative and literal.
  8. The damsel in distress and other stereotypes.
  9. Moral Lessons
  10. The perfect world where outcomes of actions are predictable.
  11. A problem that is the often the central conflict in the plot.
  12. Choices made by the central characters and how they affect their lives.
  13. Love, or the idea of it.
  14. Age old discriminations prevalent in the society.

The purpose of going through this exercise is to be able to evaluate Pygmalion as a modern-day fairy-tale. The assignment is due soon after the X- Box performances.

No internet usage required for this assignment, all the aspects mentioned above have been discussed thoroughly in class and students are expected to reflect on the discussion and pen their own opinions.

Language Assignment , February 28, 2013.

Language Assignment , February 28, 2013.

This fortnight we have focused on using commas in the right way. The assignment for this week is to write a short paragraph, 100 to 150 words at the most, using all types of commas we have learnt about. Please understand that it is not enough to know the different ways in which can use punctuation if we are unable to use it in our written work.

A few links to help you go revise-

Internet usage required only to access study material.

Date of submission – soon after the X- Box performance.