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Day: September 4, 2013

Concept of ‘More and Less’

Concept of ‘More and Less’


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Learners learnt the concept of ‘more and less’ in a play way method. In this activity 2 kids made a pair and some objects were given to both of them. Then 3rd child counted their objects and pass the hoopla hoop ring through the child who had more objects. Learners enjoyed this activity and learnt the concept very quickly.


Ambuja Sharma.

Duties for Teachers’ Day

Duties for Teachers’ Day

SR. KG Ignite Shreya
Pahini (Herald)
SR. KG Kindle Anoushka
yashika (Herald)
SR. KG Shine mahima, Shivani (Herald)
 4 Tenacity Vedanshi Changoiwala
4 Mettle jayesh
diya (Harbinger)
5 Reciprocity dhruv (Harbinger), Kushal (Herald)
5 Symbiosis srushti Patel
yash Lekhwani (Harbinger)
5 Synergy punya
maharsh (Harbinger)
6 Evolve swaraj
Vimarsh (Herald)
6 Enlighten Krunal
Drasaj (Herald)
6 Progress Khushman
Shubham (Herald)
7 Idea sahaj
sapan (Harbinger)
7 Vision yash P
harshil (Harbinger)
7 Insight sneh
shaan (Harbinger)
8 Verve rrutvik
jaison (Harbinher)
8 Zest Ami Patel (Harbinger)    Param (Herald)
Grade – 5, Reciprocity ( Homework for the day – 04/09/13)

Grade – 5, Reciprocity ( Homework for the day – 04/09/13)

UOI -: Continue with the research work on the topic assigned to you in your biome group.

Math -: Practice LCM and HCF sums. Refer to the link below for practice of these sums -:

Language -: Revise the dictation words, story elements and identifying main-idea and supporting details for the  assessment tomorrow.


Grade 5 Synergy 4th August, 2013.

Grade 5 Synergy 4th August, 2013.

Blog Grade 5 Synergy 2nd September 2013.

High lights:-


The students revised the divisibility rule of 7 and 11, and solved problems involved in it.


As a whole class we wrote a descriptive paragraph on “ Harry Potter”, using the cheat list created by the students.


The students started their research in the “Adhyanan” and collected information from the reference books.

Home work:-


The students attempt the main  idea  work sheet.

The students need to revise dictation words, their meaning and form sentence.

They also need to revise story elements  ( settings, plot, characters, conflict and conclusion) from the Empowering  English.

Link for story elements.

The students  need to revise their cheat list and prepare to write descriptive writing.


Solve the sums based on the divisibility of 7 and 11.



Continue with your research and upload your findings in the Google drive.


Students ( who have siblings)  kindly  ask your parents to book the slot for Term 1, the invitation is sent across on the parents email.



Important Note

Important Note

Dear Parents,

Please note that:

  • 13th September, Friday will be working for the MY students (Grade 7 – 10) as per their regular timings i.e., 8:50 am to 4:50 pm.
  • 14 th September, Saturday will be working only for Grade 10 students. Timings 7:30 am to 12:30pm. Transport routes will be sent later.


Fountainhead School.

Teacher’s Day Class Allocation

Teacher’s Day Class Allocation

The following students have been assigned classes as per their request. Please meet the respective homeroom teachers for further details.


Sr.KG Dazzle Hiral
Sr.KG Glitter Rahul
Sr.KG Glimmer Pradhyuma
G4 Fortitude Smriti


G4 Freedom Smit
Teacher’s Day Class Allocation

Teacher’s Day Class Allocation

The following students have been assigned classes as per their request. Please meet the respective homeroom teachers for further details.

Indigo Utsavee
Sparkle Nishtha, Dhruv
Illustrate Aarushi, Manav
Imagine Saket
Innovate Khushi
Imbue Dhairya
Courage Himani


UOI: Learners carry forward their own research work in library and ICT. Then they had discussion based on yesterday’s assessment wherein they cleared their doubts and enhanced their understanding on the ongoing unit.

LANG : Learner discussed the pre-reading questions in the class.

Complete your cheat card and bring it tomorrow and Learn all the 20 spellings as we have test tomorrow

MATH:  Homework discussion of the LCM and HCF. Revised divisibility rule and practiced problems based on that.

Please go through the link for divisibility rule which is as follows :


MATH:Test divisibility rule for the following numbers:

By 7 :

  1. 6594.
  2. 595.
  3. 694.

By 11:

  1. 1738.
  2. 5038.
  3. 17578.

By 9:

  1. 1422.
  2. 890.
  3. 324.




G 6 Enlighten Highlights and homework for 4th September’13

G 6 Enlighten Highlights and homework for 4th September’13

Mathematics: We worked on our pie charts, clearing our doubts and helping each other by moving about from our differentiated groups. We also learnt to collect data using tally marks and consolidate the data and present it through pie charts.

Language: We got our last quiz scores and we revisited the concepts of eating disorders.

UOI: We worked on our summative assessment by plotting graphs using our mental health log which we had maintained throughout the week and evaluated our lifestyles.


Language:Learn spellings and complete your scrap book.


1) Complete your pie-charts.

2) Ex 17 and 18 from

3)Create a pie chart using ex 21.

4) Revise all three types of graph.

Please do not do the worksheet given( Choosing appropriate graphs).