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Day: September 7, 2013

Highlights of the week (2nd September to 6th September)

Highlights of the week (2nd September to 6th September)

UOI: Revealed Central Idea:

This week the Central Idea of the new unit “Sharing the planet” was disclosed. After the tuning in activity, during class discussion, the teacher asked some provocative questions like, ‘What did you observe? , Where does it come from? Do we make waste? What should we do with it? Are these things easily available? What will happen if we don’t save it?’  During the discussion, students come up with different key words like – waste, earth, human, water etc. Teacher noted down all those words on the board and then provoked/helped students to frame a sentence using those words which led to the CI.

Learners went for a nature walk to understand nature and natural environment.

Language: This week we started with the revision of the blends and introduced “sl” blend.

Lesson-2 “A Caterpillar and a Spider” from Empowering English has been completed.

Math: Revision was done during this week for the concepts taught in class and addition (without regrouping) was introduced with Monteiro cubes from 101 to 250.


Chesta Dhingra

Bridge to Terabithia_Grade7_Vision and Idea

Bridge to Terabithia_Grade7_Vision and Idea

Dear Students,

We discussed the historical and thematic context of Bridge to Terabithia, on the basis of your understanding elaborate upon the dominant themes with suitable textual references in about 120-150 words.

As some of you may have given your language book for correction, please do this assignment in a journal sheet which you may later add in your student’s file.

Happy weekend:)