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Day: September 17, 2013

17/09/2013 Grade 9 Language Assignment and Updates

17/09/2013 Grade 9 Language Assignment and Updates

Updates: We have commenced with a session on “How writers achieve effects” with reference to First Language English Paper 2. It  will focus largely on the content of the text, commenting on what the writer says and the information he or she includes. Also, looking at the ways in which the author structures their text to increase the impact of their writing. This may include syntax of sentences (what information comes first, are the clauses arranged in a particular way), paragraphing and any visual structural devices. You can view the details and content of what we have discussed here:

We have started analysing stylistic elements in excerpts taken from fictional sources. Jim Thompson’s House has turned out to be an interesting read. You can view the original article and images on the following link:

We have learnt how meticulously the writers choose words to create an environment and give interesting effects. Also, we have identified and highlighted information about Jim Thompson’s House.

1. Before writing the summary: Make a list of points to describe Jim’s house using your own words; group and order information.

2. Assignment task: Write one paragraph summary of Jim Thompson’s House, using complex sentences and avoiding the use of and as far as possible.

Evaluation criteria: You will be judged on the basis of concision of style (no unnecessary words, precise information, clarity, a great deal is conveyed in just a few words ) after reading your paragraphs aloud in the class on Thursday, Day 6, 19/07/2013.

Remember this when you write a summary:

“Don’t use any extra words. A sentence is like a machine; it has a job to do. An extra word in a sentence is like a sock in a machine.” (Annie Dillard, “Notes for Young Writers.” In Fact: The Best of Creative Nonfiction, ed. by Lee Gutkind. W.W. Norton, 2005)


Grade 8 Language Assignment and Updates

Grade 8 Language Assignment and Updates

Language Updates: We had had a couple of sessions on appreciating the Writer’s craft focusing on the purpose of reading – understanding and appreciating a writer’s use of language. We have identified and commented on how the writer has presented information in the text, how the writer has used language to make points or for effect.

We have commenced with “Language is Painful” (from Empowering English) and identified ways to comprehend unseen text (we have worked on an excerpt from H.G.Well’s short story, “The Cone”); how best do the words fit into the frame of the text  (choosing the word that best fits the text) using context clues, drawing inferences and understanding the purpose. We have also worked/practised on usage of punctuation marks.

Literature: King Lear Act II completed:

  • handouts for relevant bits given,
  • Important dialogues, character development and traits, stylistic elements discussed,
  • sample descriptive answer assessment (King Lear) conducted, detailed feedback given

Take Cambridge Essential Grammar in Use Test:

Online exercises to hone language skills:

G9 CS/ICT Mid Term Exam Syllabus

G9 CS/ICT Mid Term Exam Syllabus

G9 CS/ICT Mid Term Exam Syllabus is as below :

Theory :

Chapter 1 : Generic Application Software

Chapter 3 : Hardware

Practical :

Spreadsheet Basic Formula & Functions – sum, max, min, average, count, countif, if, nested if, vlookup


Highlights and homework for the day | 17 Sep ’13

Highlights and homework for the day | 17 Sep ’13

  • During Language class we read the story “A fable of fortune ” from Empowering English. It was a fun session. Everyone participated with vim and vigor and learnt a great deal too.
  • During UOI class we continued playing yesterday’s game and later students tried to unpack the central idea by solving a crossword puzzle.


  • Language: Read out loud the entire story ‘A fable of fortune’ with expression to your parents and then answer the questions 1, 2, 4, 5 and 8 in your language NB. Besides that also find out the meaning of squeaked, slither, haul, gale and gust in context of the above story.
  • UOI: 1) Write down your burning questions for this unit in the form of a mind map on A4 paper 2) Complete the shared doc [tuning-in]. For doubts contact Madhav. 3) Solve the given crossword to discover your central idea.
  • Thursday you also need to submit LP task and you promised me that this time you all will put best efforts in it.

Note: Thursday is NCO exam. Those who have participated, come prepared.

Enjoy your holiday!

Grade 3 Hindi Homework -Ideate, Illuminate, Illustrate, Imagine, Imbue

Grade 3 Hindi Homework -Ideate, Illuminate, Illustrate, Imagine, Imbue

गृहकार्य में संज्ञा के ऊपर  वर्कशीट दी हैं |

इन वर्कशीट में कोष्ठक में से शब्दों को पढ़कर उन्हें संज्ञा के प्रकार अनुसार के खाने में रखना हैं  और कहानी पढो, कहानी में से संज्ञा ढूंढकर लिखो |