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Day: September 18, 2013

Grade 3 Illuminate Highlights and Homework – 17th Sept’13

Grade 3 Illuminate Highlights and Homework – 17th Sept’13

Circle time: Learners played dodging tables game in two teams.

UOI: Students watched a video on the introduction to the human anatomy. They watched out the names of the systems, the organs associated with a particular system and the role that each system plays in the human body. This was followed by a discussion and then noting down of the knowledge grabbed. The students made a table of components of all the systems in the UOI notebook.

Learning intention: How do we use our prior knowledge and move on to finding out on new learning?

Language: Reading the chapter 7 of ‘Third Grade Angels’ and marked out the difficult words from the chapters 6 and 7.

Learning intention: What will help us improve our reading and comprehending skills?

Math: Two by one multiplication sums in the notebook, with peer teaching.

Learning intention: To demonstrate understanding of the numerical operations in a variety of context by applying appropriate strategies.


UOI: Write the function of each system in two lines, in the table of components in the UOI notebook.

Language: Learn the spellings marked in the reader.

Math: Solve the multiplication sums given in the notebook.