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Day: September 23, 2013

Highlights of the week (16th September to 21st September)

Highlights of the week (16th September to 21st September)

Dear Parents,


Teacher took up an inquiry connected to the nature walk in class. A chart paper was displayed with two questions written on it. The first question was, “What do you mean by natural environment ?” and the other question was “How do we use it?”   Students were asked to draw or write their understanding on it. (Graffiti board). Once students had put up their prior understanding about natural environment, a class discussion was conducted on the same context.



The week started with introduction of  preposition in context with boogie woogie song from Empowering English lesson 2.  Teacher introduced preposition by reciting the song and asked students about the words used like “in, out, around” etc. After the discussion, teacher told them that, “ These words are showing position of a particular object and that is why they are known as “Preposition”.

Introduction of “Ch” blend .Learners wrote some ‘ch’ blends words in their notebooks three times.


Introduced  numbers and number names from 250 to 350.

Revision of simple 2-3 digit Addition was done. With the revision of that learners learnt the regrouping addition using Monteiro cubes.


Gittal Shah

Grade 1 Harmony