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Day: September 27, 2013

Sports Camp Registration

Sports Camp Registration

Dear Parents,

We are starting sports camp from 1st October 2013. Kindly fill and submit the below form for registering your child’s name for a particular sport. Last date of submitting the form is 29th Sept,2013 i.e. Sunday.

In case you are unable to see the form below, please click on this link.

Camp will be available for students as mentioned below:-
  •  Karate-    Grade 1 onward
  • Skating-    Grade 1 onward
  • Basketball-    Grade 2 onward
  • Football-     Grade 2 onward
  • Athletics & Adventure-  Grade 2 onward 
  1. Camp will start from 1st October 2013, Tuesday.
  2. Camp will run only on Day 2, 3, 5 & 6. Day 1 & Day 4 camps will not be running.
  3. Camp timings will be 2:00 – 3:10 pm.
  4. There are limited seats available in transport so registration will be done on first come first serve basis.
  5. Once you confirm your registration than we will give you stops for the transportation.
  6. Camp will run till 31 October 2013.
  7. Selection dates for inter-school competitions are mentioned below. This short camp will also help students prepare better for the selection as well as for the competition, if selected. Please note however that the selection is open to all students whether or not they attend this camp, and it will be done in regular PS classes.
  8. The fees for the camp will be (700/-) which will be deducted from the student’s imprest account as you will enroll for the camp. This includes the transportation expense incurred.
  9. To start any camp, we need at least 8 students otherwise particular sports camp will not start.
  10. The competition and their selection dates are as follow :
No Name Competition Selection Date
1 Karate 12/10/2013 3rd & 4th October
2 Skating 19/10/2013 11th & 12th October
3 Basketball 12/10/2013 3rd & 4th October
4 Football 17/10/2013 3rd & 4th October
5 Athletics & Adventure 19/10/2013 11th & 12th October

Students need to carry an extra tiffin on the camp days, which they will eat between 1:45 and 2:00 pm.


PE Team

Grade09_International Maths_Aiding Resource

Grade09_International Maths_Aiding Resource

Subject:Mandatory to watch this video, URL address is posted below.

Content:Similarity concepts seems simple enough to grasp but there are some technicalities which Learners need to be thorough with,watch this video meticulously and follow the instructions rightly directed by the author.

Similarity of Triangles

Procedure to be followed if one fails to open this link:

Right click on the link and select the option open link in new tab.

Thanks and Regards,

Krishna Shethji & Kinjal Morkhia.


Recap of 25/9/2013 and 27/9/2013

Recap of 25/9/2013 and 27/9/2013


Introduced word problems with certain manipulation in the language.

Example – Atul invited 2517 guests for his birthday party. He received 2016 gifts from his friends and 1118 gifts from his relatives. How many total gifts did Atul get? 

[Read Aloud]

“Winston  was worried” by Pamela Edwards, “Flip and Flop” by Dawn Apperley and “The best way to play” by Bill Cosby.


Learners read story books in class. While doing read aloud of the story “Winston was worried” different grammar concepts like contractions, genders and adjectives were revised. Learners also listened one of the Karadi Tales- “Four friends” and some rhymes in the groups of 5 and presented the same in front of whole class. This was done to enhance their vocabulary, listening skills as well as presentation skills.



Write the vertices, edges, faces and curved surfaces of the 3D shapes (Sphere, Cylinder, Cone, Cube and Cuboid) in the given A4 size paper.

Note:- This is to inform all the parents that the school will be working for learners tomorrow. We will be following Day 3 time-table.


Disha Thakkar.