Grade 1 Amity: Highlights of the week (16th to 28th September 2013)

Grade 1 Amity: Highlights of the week (16th to 28th September 2013)

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Sharing the planet: Learners went on a nature walk to observe the natural environment and how it is used. Teachers took their reflection using the graffiti board. Two chart papers were stuck on the soft board with two questions. ‘What do you mean by natural environment and how do we use it?’ They were free to express their understanding through writing/drawing. Learners exhibited understanding about the usage of natural resources.


1) Learners were introduced with the ‘ch’ and ‘sh’ blend. They wrote as many words as they knew, starting from ‘ch’ and ‘sh’. They wrote a few words (given by the teacher) 3 times which they need to learn.

2) Learners were informally introduced to the prepositions through the “Boogie Woogie” song. Later, a discussion on their use, that the words which show you the position are known as prepositions. In grade 1, we have introduced only a few prepositions. They are in, on under, over, near and between.

3) Dictation was conducted on the new sight words.


Learners revised 2 and 3 digits addition (without regrouping) sums. Learners were introduced with the regrouping addition using Monteiro cubes. They also practiced 2 digit regrouping sums in their notebook using the H-T-O format.


Priyanka Chhabra

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