Highlights and homework for the day | 30 Sep ’13

Highlights and homework for the day | 30 Sep ’13

Today was an eventful day- loads of fun and learning. What better way to describe it then to have close look at it!

Math: Students learnt mean, median, mode and range through 4 differentiated learning centers. Below are the pictures of it.

Music (Listening)

Comic Strip (Visual)

1-min games (Kinesthetic)

Practice (Numericals and word problems)


Students debated on the topic “Ethics can be compromised to earn profit“.  They had made great attempt to analyze the topic, collect information and maintain a positive attitude however it requires some more focus on collection of variety of information, synthesizing it and making it relevant at the time.

UOI: We had a parent guest speaker to talk about her business setup.



Math: Group 1 and 2 need to start working on their comic strip and song/poetry creation. Group 3 and 4 need to complete the mean and median,mode, range ws. Due date is 3 Oct but you need to show your work in progress tomorrow.

For creating cartoon strip you can also use any of the following online tools. Later you can get a print.




Language: Rework on debate  arguments and your oratory skills.

UOI: Complete the given reflection sheet.

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