Recap of the day 30-9-2013

Recap of the day 30-9-2013

Language: Read aloud was done in the class “Aurthur’s Birthday” written by Marc Brown. Learners were also introduced 10 new spellings- “Amelia”, “Bedelia”, “edges”, “vertices”, “prism”, “pyramid”, “cuboid”, “triangular”, “cylinder” and “sphere”, which they practiced orally.

Oral Strategy: Learners played “Fire Squad” game where they were given a word and they had to speak which ever first word comes in their mind after listening to the word given to them.

Homework: Please practice the new spellings given in language today.

Single Subject: Hindi.

Note: Attended assembly today where learners enjoyed watching Inter-House drama competition, the winners of “Bhasha Divas” received certificates for the same.

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