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Day: October 9, 2013

Research links for the unit- Who we are

Research links for the unit- Who we are

Dear Students,
These links can help you in your research for the current unit- Who we are — skeleton system. — excretory system. — digestive system — respiratory system. — nervous system. — circulatory system.


Highlight of the week (30th september to 4th October 2013)

Highlight of the week (30th september to 4th October 2013)

Dear Parents,

Circle Time


 The teacher started the structure drilling with “What if”eg. What if a bird can swim in the water? The teacher asked learners to think of some imaginary questions and motivated them to form  ‘what if’ questions. This activity was conducted to enhance their oral skills.

Unit of Inquiry


How we express ourselves unit- Read aloud of “Elephants never forget” by Anushka Ravishankar.

Sharing the planet unit- Read aloud of “The Lorax” by Dr.Seuss. After the read aloud, the teacher made a human figure to note down our needs, wants and greed.

The Learners also conducted a waste audit of their class. They recorded the data for the whole week and wrote the same in their UOI notebooks. The chart of the waste audit was displayed in the class to understand how much waste we make as a class. Later, the students also understood that we should try to reduce making waste.



Introduced new sight words and ‘th’ blend.

Learners also recited the poem with their teacher from Empowering English “The cow jumped over the moon” .

The teacher discussed the meaning of the difficult words from the poem.

Learners also recited the new poem “Thanksgiving”.



This week the learners continued with regrouping addition using Monteiro cubes.


Gittal Shah

HRT Grade 1 Harmony

Learning Centers

Learning Centers

Measures of Central Tendency through 4 differentiated learning centers

Students of Grade 6 Evolve learned Measures of Central Tendency through 4 differentiated learning centers viz Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Linguistic.


Swapnil B John

Recap of the day 9/10/13

Recap of the day 9/10/13


Learners started with their reader. They completed from page 5 to 10.


Learners did the zip lock activity through which they understood the concept of states of matter and what happens to objects of different forms when they are kept in a zip lock bag.


Learners needs to bring Rs. 100 to Rs 150 in change as the middle year students have put up different types of stalls. The learners will go tomorrow for the experience of the same .

Grade 6, Progress, Highlights and homework for 9th October, 2013

Grade 6, Progress, Highlights and homework for 9th October, 2013

Math: Students learnt how to form survey questions.

Language: Students read the six different types of endings given in Empowering English with their ankle shake buddy followed by  class discussion. They then worked in groups and wrote different endings for the story- Jack and the bean stalk.

UOI: Formative Assessment and discussion.


Math: (Date of submission: 10th October)

  1. Form at least 5 survey questions on any one of the topics given in the worksheet (Reference) You can also go through the links posted yesterday.
  2. Complete the Primary Research-Mind map


  1. Read the Article and answer the questions in your UOI notebook (Date of submission: 10th October)
  2. Complete  I used to think but now I think as explained in class (Date of submission: 11th October)

Note: Decide the amount which you would like to invest (capital)as a group or individually. 


Highlights and homework for the day | 9 Oct ’13

Highlights and homework for the day | 9 Oct ’13

Math: Students presented their observation sheet. We also consolidated the keywords students  got for the word ‘Primary research’.

Language: We continued with “endings”. Some of the students had got stories that have different versions of ending. We discussed that.

UOI: Students appeared for an open book formative assessment. We also discussed the answers after the test.


Math: Read through the following links and write down at least 5 most important learnings from it in your Math NB.

[Resource: , ]

Language: Find any one story for which you can find a different ending. [Due date 11 Oct] [Reference: ]


1)Read the article and answer the given questions in UOI notebook

[Resource: StayHungryStayFoolish-Article]

2) Complete “I used to think, but now I think” on the paper given in class. Write for atleast 3 topics. [To be submitted on 11th Oct]

3) Ensure that you have watched all the videos that were posted yesterday.

Here’s the link that you said was not working-

G 6 Enlighten Homework for 9th Oct’13

G 6 Enlighten Homework for 9th Oct’13

Mathematics: Yesterday’s work

1)  Create a mindmap for the concept “Primary Research” in your Math NB.

2) Complete your observation sheet that you started during CT in the given page. Include the purpose of research, tally table, graph and conclusion, also the bias(wrong) about your observation.

3) Write 5 survey questions-topic-uniform, in your note books.


UOI: Yesterday’s work 

Watch the videos and write down your ideas , observations, reflections from them in your UOI notebook.





5) (


Also fill up the reflection prompts given-“I used to think and now I think” about the on-going unit.

PS: Do not forget to decide the amount which you would like to invest (capital)as a group. So that we can start the process of sanctioning the loan from school.

Highlights & Home-work- Grade-5, Alliance

Highlights & Home-work- Grade-5, Alliance


Math: Word problems on fractions

Language: Spelling test.Class discussion  on  chapter-4 questions .

UOI: Reflection of the soap & sack factory


Math: Complete the following word problems in your math note-book

  1. Sunny cuts off 3/8 of a paper strip. What portion of the strip is left?
  2. Molly and Varun each ate a 5/12 parts on a cake. What portion of the cake was left?
  3. After spending Rs. 72  , Ruby was left with Rs. Left with Rs. 7  . How much did she have in the beginning?

UOI: Complete your display charts for the Science day tomorrow. Also bring any pending materials required for your experiment tomorrow.



‘Grade 3 Innovate Highlights and Homework – 9th October 2013’

‘Grade 3 Innovate Highlights and Homework – 9th October 2013’

circle time- Fire squad.

UOI– Students started the research work in their groups along with the guided questions given to them today.

Learning outcome- To focus on one of the stages of research skills- Collecting data.

Math– Multiplication sums in the notebook.

Learning outcome: To demonstrate understanding of the numerical operations in a variety of contexts by applying appropriate strategies.

Homework– .

U.O.I: Research on the guided questions given to you today.

Math: Complete page 4 of the booklet