Grade 3 Illuminate Highlights and Homework – 9th October 2013

Grade 3 Illuminate Highlights and Homework – 9th October 2013

Circle time-My news

Language: Learning center: Students completed the learning center activities today.

1) Reading: Students selected a book of their choice, read it and wrote the answers in their notebooks. They connected their story with the key concepts and wrote it in the graphic organizer.

 2) Writing: Students selected a topic, some verbs and some adjectives of their choice and wrote a paragraph in their notebooks.
3) Listening: Students heard the story through the listening station device and responded using the key concepts.
4) Vocabulary: Students matched the meanings to their words.
5) Dictionary: Students used their human body dictionary and arranged the words in alphabetical order in their notebooks.

Learning outcome- To enhance their oral, aural, reading and writing skills.

Read a loud of ‘The Third Grade Angle’.

UOI– Students started the research work in their groups along with the guided questions given to them today.

Learning outcome- To focus on one of the stages of research skills- Collecting data.


UOI-Research on the guided questions given to you today.

Math- 3rd page of math booklet.

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