Highlight of the week (30th september to 4th October 2013)

Highlight of the week (30th september to 4th October 2013)

Dear Parents,

Circle Time


 The teacher started the structure drilling with “What if”eg. What if a bird can swim in the water? The teacher asked learners to think of some imaginary questions and motivated them to form  ‘what if’ questions. This activity was conducted to enhance their oral skills.

Unit of Inquiry


How we express ourselves unit- Read aloud of “Elephants never forget” by Anushka Ravishankar.

Sharing the planet unit- Read aloud of “The Lorax” by Dr.Seuss. After the read aloud, the teacher made a human figure to note down our needs, wants and greed.

The Learners also conducted a waste audit of their class. They recorded the data for the whole week and wrote the same in their UOI notebooks. The chart of the waste audit was displayed in the class to understand how much waste we make as a class. Later, the students also understood that we should try to reduce making waste.



Introduced new sight words and ‘th’ blend.

Learners also recited the poem with their teacher from Empowering English “The cow jumped over the moon” .

The teacher discussed the meaning of the difficult words from the poem.

Learners also recited the new poem “Thanksgiving”.



This week the learners continued with regrouping addition using Monteiro cubes.


Gittal Shah

HRT Grade 1 Harmony

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