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Day: October 11, 2013

Highlights and homework for the day | 11 Oct

Highlights and homework for the day | 11 Oct

Math: Students finalized their survey questionnaire which they will be using tomorrow to conduct the research.

UOI: Students learnt what is SCAMPER and were asked to innovate their business idea using this tool. They have also taken loan from school accountant which they will be using for purchasing the raw materials for their business.

Language: We recapped the different types of story endings through dumb charades and a video.  Then students created their own  story with a brilliant beginning and ending. Their story will be reviewed tomorrow in class.


UOI: Finalize your SCAMPERED business plan. Understand that SCAMPER is used to innovate a product. Use it logically. Tomorrow you will be filling the final business plan in class and it cannot be changed after that.

Language: The story that you worked on today can be given one last touch tomorrow before review. What could be that element that can add stars to your story and enhance its value. You will be given only 5 mins for making that change and hence you need to think about it from home.

Note: Tomorrow is working for students. D4 will be followed.

Grade – 5 Reciprocity (Highlights and Homework,11/10/13)

Grade – 5 Reciprocity (Highlights and Homework,11/10/13)

UOI -: Students reflected on the science day activity which we had yesterday. They recorded the reflection based on the learning they had, areas of improvement and how as a group they performed the given experiment on the paper provided to them.

Language -: Completed the graphic organizer based on the favorite character from the current reader.

Math -: Students enjoyed the learning center activity based on the fraction concepts covered so far.

Homework -:

Math -: Complete the worksheet given today. You have to submit the completed worksheet on Monday.

Language -: Complete the graphic organizer activity given today in the class.

Recap for the day 10th October

Recap for the day 10th October


As a part of activities given in Empowering English the learners were asked to list down the words which end with ‘-er’ in language notebook.

For example, teacher, power, etc.


Learners were asked to frame the question related to the objects purchased by them during the business fair, depicting the amount of money they brought from home and wrote the solution by themselves in their math notebook.

Enduring understanding: Learners made connection with real life application of money.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Read aloud was given on the book “What is the world made of” by  Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld. Learners wrote the definition of matter and the properties of solid, liquid and gas in their U.O.I. notebook.


Mixed bags worksheet for math is given.

Note: Tomorrow is a regular working Saturday being Day 4.

Learners attended business fair today as well.

Recap of the day- 11/10/2013

Recap of the day- 11/10/2013

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners wrote reflection on zip lock activity in their U.O.I book. They did this in the following way:-

Name of the object Does it move in the container? Does it take the shape of the container? Does it takes space in the container?

Enduring Understanding:- Learners reflected their conceptual understanding on states of matter.


Dictation taken in the form of sentences.

Enduring Understanding:- To know the usage of words in the sentences.

Revised the four types of sentences orally.

Enduring Understanding:- Learners should know the different kinds of sentences.

[Read Aloud]

“Moon, Ramu and I” by  Geeta Dharmarajan.

Enduring Understanding:- Learners enhanced their vocabulary by listening to the read aloud in class.



Mixed bags worksheet sent.


1) Tomorrow i.e. 12/10/2013 is a working day for the students. Day 4 time – table will be followed.

2) Sent class library book with the learners which they need to bring back on Monday- 14/10/2013.


Disha Thakkar.