Highlights Of The Week (7th October to 12th October) Sr KG Blaze

Highlights Of The Week (7th October to 12th October) Sr KG Blaze

Dear parent,

H ighlights of the week are:

Circle Time:

  • Music & movement : Welcome song of x-box

  • Word of the week: Reflective

  • Morning Message: We will plan and organize for our event.


Introduction of ‘ay’ word family (pray ,say , tray, play, ray, way, jay,clay).


Tuesday: Writing of ‘ay’ family words in the notebook

Saturday: Worksheets related to ‘ay’ word family.


  • Introduction of Number names of 14,15 and 16.

  • Revision of Skip Counting.(Orally).

  • Mathematical operations(between numbers, greater than , less than) of numbers upto 60.


Tuesday: Worksheet related to between numbers.

Saturday: Writing number names from 11 to 16( 5 times) in the notebook.

Unit of Inquiry:

TDT: How we organise ourselves

Central idea: Events involve planning, organising and decision making.

Going Further :- Show and Tell Activity:- The students got pictures related to any event or places which they had visited recently. They shared their experiences with their peers , while showing the pictures.

This helped them enhance their communication skills . They also understood the importance of planning and organising , through this activity.

Note: Kindly send pictures of events or places which  you have recently  visited with your child for the ‘Show and Tell ‘ Activity(as many students have yet not got the pictures). Kindly ignore if already sent.


Ekta Chhabra

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