Highlights of the week(7th Oct. -12th Oct.): Sr. KG Ignite

Highlights of the week(7th Oct. -12th Oct.): Sr. KG Ignite

Circle Time:

  • Revision Of Rhymes
  • Music & movement
  • Free play Activity. Wooden Blocks, clay
  • Word of the week: Execution and Review
  • Morning Message: We make friends by being big hearted.


Introduction of ‘ay’ word family (pray, say, tray, play, ray, way, jay, clay, stay).

Revision of sight words

Read aloud: 

The Hiding House by Judith Vigna

The Little Mermaid and Spot (Disney book)


Tuesday: Writing of ‘ay’ family words in the notebook

Saturday: Worksheets related to ‘ay’ word family.

  • Introduction of Number names of 14, 15 and 16.
  • Revision of Skip Counting (Orally).
  • Mathematical operations (between numbers, greater than, less than) of numbers up to 60.


Tuesday: Worksheet related to between numbers.

Saturday: Writing number names from 11 to 16 in the notebook

Unit of Inquiry:

TDT: How we organize ourselves

Central idea: Events involve planning, organizing and decision making.

Going Further :- Show and Tell Activity:- The students got pictures related to any event or places which they had visited recently. They shared their experiences with their peers, while showing the pictures.

This helped them enhance their communication skills. This activity also helped them to understand the importance of planning and organizing involved in each event. X

Reviewing the X-Box event.

Note: Kindly send pictures of events or places which you have recently visited with your child for the ‘Show and Tell’ Activity (as many students have yet not got the pictures). Kindly ignore if already sent.



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