Highlights and homework for the day | 18 Oct

Highlights and homework for the day | 18 Oct

UOI: Business Fair. Click here for the photos.

Today was the second and concluding day for business fair. It was a thrilling event for all of us.  The students were initially overwhelmed by massive crowd of customers but gradually they gained control. They recorded  their sales, calculated  the total money earned and counted their profit. They were amazed and awed by the money they received at the end of it. However the most important realization has been the fact that business is unpredictable and that you cannot count your chicken before they hatch. They also accepted that it’s a not an easy job.



  • Calculate your total sales (Day 1+ Day 2), Cost price for all your raw materials or products that you put on sale and hence calculate the profit that you have earned.
  • You need to pay your loan amount+interest+ hardware/furniture cost on Monday. So bring that money without fail then.
  • Grade 6 has also decided to collect donation amount that can be used for some charity sake. It is optional. You can decide how much you want to contribute and bring that money on Monday.
  • I have uploaded your business fair pics on blog. Choose and upload your pictures on your e-portfolio followed by a short reflection [50 words] on this event. This will be checked on Monday.
  • Those who have not completed self-assessment need to complete and bring it on Monday.


  • Complete your experiment task.
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