Highlights of the week(14th-18th October) Sr.KG Glitter.

Highlights of the week(14th-18th October) Sr.KG Glitter.

Dear parent,

Highlights of the week are as follows:

 Circle Time:

  • Music & movement: Action songs and wiggles

  • Words of the week: Synergize and Co-operation

  • Morning Message: We will practice sight words everyday

  • Structured drill: I will……


Introduction of sight words: here, they,only, like

Introduction of ‘ack’ word family (back, rack, sack, pack, black, track, stack, quack, snack

 Aural : Read aloud :- Marc Brown’s – Arthur’s lost library book


 Tuesday: writing of sight words in n.b 3 times and framing sentences of the same.

Friday: writing of ‘ack’ word family in n.b. 3 times


Skip count by 2 in notebooks

Ascending Descending numbers (41-60)

Writing forward backward numbers


Tuesday:.Math: ascending descending ws

Friday: Worksheet of Skip count by 2

Unit of Inquiry:

TDT: How we organise ourselves

Central idea: Events involve planning, organising and decision making.

 Going Further :- Show and Tell Activity:- The students had brought pictures related to any event organized in their family or places which they had visited recently.While showing the pictures they shared their experiences with their peers.

This helped them enhance their communication skills. Through this activity they also got an understanding of the the importance of planning and organising

 Guest speakers were  invited where they had talked about how the events are being planned, organized and executed in the school. After listening to them the students got an insight that each event involves decision making and they need to coordinate with people related to different departments.

The whole class was divided into four groups and each group was given the task to plan for the event of their choice. The students will be organizing and executing the same next week.


Anita Sibi.

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