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Day: October 19, 2013

Show and Share Activity

Show and Share Activity

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Show and Share Activity:- The students were asked to bring  pictures related to any  place  they had visited recently or any event organized in their family. The students were enthusiastic while  showing and sharing the pictures with their peers. During the activity, the students were asked different questions like whether the event was planned or not, who had planned for the event, whether the event was well organized or not, was there something that their parents had missed out?

This activity helped them enhance their communication skills and understand the importance of planning and organizing involved in each event.

Language Assignment for the Weekend

Language Assignment for the Weekend

Consider the following question; plan your responses in the form of mind maps:

  1. The play opens with King Lear’s decision to divide his kingdom and parcel it out to his daughters. Within the first scene of the play, what evidence can you find that Lear’s decision is a bad one?
  2. Both King Lear and Edgar manifest madness – are they similar or different?

This assignment is not research based.

Suggested duration: 20 minutes

Date of submission: Monday, October 21, 2013


Aspiring Performers

Aspiring Performers

Dear Parents,

Learners had their assembly performance on 18th October, 2013. They demonstrated their learning for homophones on the basis of their reader “Come Back Amelia Bedelia”. They also exhibited their understanding on the unit of inquiry under the TDT “How we express ourselves” where they gave performance on the dance art forms of  Gujarati, Marathi and Bengali culture. The performance of the students was over whelming.

The video of the performances will be uploaded soon on the blog.



Grade09_International Mathematics_H.W

Grade09_International Mathematics_H.W

Subject:Glimpse of how an inference based questions probably look like.

Dear students,

As we have well informed you in advance about the structure of mathematics question paper and as it does include a separate section of logical based inferential Questions,it does make sense to brief you all regarding the same.

An Inference is nothing but a mental process of arriving at an appropriate conclusion based on specific evidences provided well in advance,based on which one can identify the remaining terms  for e.g.

Identify the next 10 terms in this sequence 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,_,_,_,_,………………

If you meticulously observe this sequence this is nothing but your Fibonacci series wherein the value of your next term is an addition of the previous two terms,with this introductory note find below the attached files which encompasses logical based questions and solve it,  ability to solve such questions does not require any official explanation,hence try to solve it religiously based on your logic .



Submission Date:21st October 2013.

Thanks & Regards,

Krishna Shethji & Kinjal Morkhia.

Highlights of 17/10/13 and 18/10/13

Highlights of 17/10/13 and 18/10/13

[Unit Of Inquiry]The learners once again revised the concept of ‘sink, float, miscible, immiscible, soluble, insoluble and states of matter’. They also wrote the definitions for the same in their notebooks.


Learners saw videos on opposites and practiced the same by writing many examples on the paper. Reading of the reader ‘Amelia Bedelia’ till pg no. 21 was done. The learners even solved pg. no. 5,6 and 9 from the Reader’s workbook.

Note: Learners attended the assembly today presented by 3 sections of G2 and business fair as well which was organized by grade 6 students.

Homework: Mixed bags language worksheet.


English HW Grade 7_Idea and Vision_19th OCT

English HW Grade 7_Idea and Vision_19th OCT

Dear Students,

Please answer the following questions:

Q1. Why do you think the neighbor says “good fences make good neighbors  ? What is your view of the statement; explain with the help of an example from your life. 

(If you have already attempted this question then do the following)


“Avva, at this age of sixty-two you want to learn the alphabet? All your hair is grey, your hands are wrinkled, you wear spectacles and you work so much in the kitchen…’


In the above lines the narrator gives many reasons why it’s too late for the grandmother to start studying. What is your view on “education as a lifelong journey”. Describe the challenges that an individual faces and what are the ways in which we can overcome these challenges.


Note: All of you,who have given your notebooks for correction, may write the answers  in a journal  sheet.