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Day: October 23, 2013

UOI: Event of Movie

UOI: Event of Movie

Step 2: DO (Super 3 Tool)

The first event of Sr.KG Glimmer -Going to a movie was executed today.

This was done in accordance with their planning :

Where: Rajhans Theatre

When: 23rd October, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m.

Which: Smurfs 2

How: Bus

Who: Sr.KG Team

What: Pop corn and Samosa



IMG_0426 IMG_0430 IMG_0432 IMG_0443 IMG_0444 IMG_0445 IMG_0446 IMG_0447 IMG_0448 IMG_0449 IMG_0450 IMG_0454 IMG_0466 IMG_0471


The learners had a gala time  today.


Step 3: REVIEW

After returning to school, they reviewed the event. They reflected their understanding through illustrations and shared that their planning could include a HAT as it was a sunny day.

Looking forward to the next grand event by my young event organisers!!!!!!!

Amrita Bhajanka


Events : Sr Kg Blaze

Events : Sr Kg Blaze

As a part of the learning engagement , of the ongoing Unit , ” How we organize ourselves “, our young learners came out with the following events :-

  • Costume Party
  • Movie
  • One Day Picnic
  • Sports Day

They then planned and organized for their event using the Thinking Tool “SUPER 3″.

Here are few glimpses of their first event ” Costume Party

IMG_2611 IMG_2612 IMG_2619 IMG_2618 IMG_2616 IMG_2615 IMG_2613 IMG_2614 IMG_2620 IMG_2621

Later the learners reviewed the event by reflecting their understanding through illustrations.


Ekta Chhabra

Grade 7 _ Idea and Vision _ Maths _ 23/10/2013

Grade 7 _ Idea and Vision _ Maths _ 23/10/2013

Subject: Maths

Topic: Sums to practice

1). Chrissy and Missy had an equal number of marshmallows.
Chrissy ate 1/5 of her marshmallows.
Missy ate 1/4 of her marshmallows.
Who had more marshmallows left?


2).Pat and Matt ran on the same racetrack.
Pat ran 5/6 of the distance in 1 minute.
Matt ran 6/7 of the distance in 1 minute.
After 1 minute, who was closer to the finish line?


3). Tara and Sara have gardens that are exactly the same size.
Sara used 1/5 of her garden to plant tomatoes.
Tara used 1/8 of her garden to plant tomatoes.
Who has more garden space left?


4). 2/3 of the students in the band are girls.

There are 8 boys in the band.

How many students are in the band altogether?


5). A test has 20 questions. If peter gets 80% correct, how many questions did peter missed?
6). 24 students in a class took an algebra test. If 18 students passed the test, what percent do not pass?


Grade 7 _ Maths _ Important Message _ 23/10/2013

Grade 7 _ Maths _ Important Message _ 23/10/2013

Subject: Maths

This is a reminder to all the students of Grade 7 that you all have to get geometrical instruments of your own which includes compass (rounder), protractor, ruler etc.

No sharing would be at all allowed.

Read the question twice, understand it and then attempt it. Avoid silly mistakes in calculations.

Best of luck to you all. Do well.

Recap of the day – 23/10/2013

Recap of the day – 23/10/2013


Learners saw videos on opposites and practiced the same by giving many examples orally.

Enduring understanding- Learners were clear with the concept of opposites and also came up with the word “Antonyms”. 

[Read Aloud]

Learners listened to a read aloud “The Famous Smile” by Geeta Dharamarjan.

Enduring understanding – Learners enjoyed the read aloud and the concepts of punctuation, adjectives and nouns were revised.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners did a hands on activity on interaction with water. Each and every learner was given a glass filled with water. They were given a pencil to stir the water. Then one by one they were given different solid and liquid materials and they identified their attributes, that whether it is soluble or insoluble, miscible or immiscible by stirring it. (Eg. Sugar when interacted with water dissolves, and hence it is soluble) similarly they explored  different materials such as salt, oil, sand, sawdust, etc. After this they filled up the reflection worksheet on “Soluble” and “Insoluble” objects where they demonstrated their understanding by writing its definition along with examples. Later they also wrote the definitions of “miscible”, “immiscible”, “interaction” and “dissolve” in their U.O.I notebook.

Enduring understanding : – Learners got clear with the attributes of different states of matter.

[Read Aloud]

Learners listened to a read aloud “Why does it float”  by Chris Arvetis and Carole Palmer.

Enduring understanding : – Learners are clear with the reason behind floating and sinking of an object.



Mixed bags worksheet.

Grade 6, Progress, Highlights and homework for 23rd October, ’13

Grade 6, Progress, Highlights and homework for 23rd October, ’13

UOI: Tuning in for PYP Exhibition started with a discussion with students on  What  they know about exhibition and What they want to know about it. We also discussed the essential elements of the exhibition through a presentation.

Language: Students worked in groups to sequence the steps of a story followed by discussion.


ICT: Upload your portfolio pieces for Unit 3. Include a reflection for each piece of work.

Language: Practice sequencing on the websites given below:


  • Complete step 2 of Summative Assessment and bring the results to class tomorrow as you will be collaborating your work  in class.
  • Secondary research-Use Internet and books. Also refer “Figure it Out”

UOI Presentations Pictures:


Recap for the day 23rd October

Recap for the day 23rd October


Learners revised the concept of contractions, common and proper nouns, adjectives, homophones and homonyms through the class library books. They were divided in the groups of 3 and 1 book was given to each group from which they had to list down the contractions from the book and frame sentence on the same, common and proper noun were supposed to be found around the class by them, they were asked to describe the character from the book using the adjectives. They wrote homophones and homonyms randomly. The purpose behind doing this activity was to make them follow Habit no.6 “Synergize” and to revise the concepts as well.


[Unit Of Inquiry]

The learners did the sink and float activity. They were given different objects like a sponge, wooden block, tiles, nail, etc and asked to fill up two things- “Name of the object” and “What will happen if I will put this in water” prediction sheet in the following way.

Name of the object What will happen if I will put this in water. Outcome

After filling up this sheet they were divided into groups of 4. They were asked to put different things in the tub of water and check the outcome of the object –  it floats or sinks. After this the learners wrote the definition of “Float” and “Sink” in their U.O.I book.

Enduring understanding- Learners are clear with the concept of “Float” and “Sink”.

[Circle Time]

Learners did “Thinking skills enhancement” worksheet where on one side they had to draw a “clean up the garden” machine and write explanation “how does it work?”. On the other side of the worksheet they had to draw their favourite character and write adjectives for it describing its character.

Enduring understanding- Their thinking skills are enhanced and also through this revision of adjectives was done.


Symmetry worksheet given.

Grade 1-Joy: Highlights of the day (23rd October, 2013)

Grade 1-Joy: Highlights of the day (23rd October, 2013)

Circle Time: Karadi tales:

Learners saw the video – “The flying elephant”.

UOI: Sharing the Planet-Learners continued with ‘Best out of waste’ learning engagement.

Language: Oral: Learners made sentences using sight words.

Math: Learners continued with regrouping addition using Monteiro cubes.

Revision of days of the week was done.

Language homework  is given in the notebook. ” Frame a sentence from the words given below – kind , for , use , dear and too.”

Important Note:

Grade 1 Joy and Peace students will be performing a dance on “Diwali Theme” in the assembly on Saturday, 26th October. Costumes for assembly performance will be as under:

Girls: Salwar-Suit.

Boys: Kurta and Pajama.


Bhumika Manglani 🙂