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Day: October 27, 2013

Event- Going for a Movie: Sr. KG-Shine

Event- Going for a Movie: Sr. KG-Shine

The second event executed by the students was ‘Going for a Movie’. The students had planned for the whole event in sequence from deciding upon the movie, eating snacks, taking permission, arranging for the transport and tickets for the movie. However, the organization part (arranging for the transport, tickets and snacks) was missing but the students were able to showcase their thorough understanding of the importance of planning and organizing the unit.

The students had to board the bus from the place decided by the school authorities. From there, they were taken to the Rajhans Cinema Hall in Adajan where they had seen the Movie ‘Smuffs 2’. The popcorns and hot samosas were served as snacks during the interval. After the movie, the students had to come back to the school and continue with their daily schedule. The students had also reviewed the whole event and gave their reflections.100_3849 100_3850 100_3852 100_3853 100_3854 100_3855 100_3856 100_3857 100_3858 100_3859 100_3860 100_3861 100_3862 100_3864 IMG_4114[1]

Event: Potluck Party

Event: Potluck Party

As a part of the learning engagement, of the on going unit, “How we organize ourselves” the Glitter’s little event managers planned and organized their second event, a potluck party on 25th October, 2013. The students were very excited for the party.

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The execution of the event was quite an eye opener to the students which made them realize as to what all they missed out while planning and organizing.

Highlights of the week (21st-25th October): Sr.KG Ignite

Highlights of the week (21st-25th October): Sr.KG Ignite

Circle Time:

  • Revision of rhymes already done
  • Word of the week: Coordination
  • Morning Message: It is we who decide to be good or bad.


Introduction of ‘ale’ word family – bale, male, pale, sale, tale, scale, whale, female

Home work

Tuesday: Worksheets on ‘ack’ word family

Friday: Writing of ‘ale’ word family 3 times in the notebook-

bale, male, pale, sale, tale, scale, whale, female


Forward and backward numbers (61-80)

Introduction of number names 17, 18,19, 20


Tuesday: Writing forward backward counting in the notebook

Friday:  Writing of number names 1-20 in notebook 2 times

(The Friday homework has to be sent back on Monday)

Unit of Inquiry

TDT: How we organize ourselves

Central idea: Events involve planning, organizing and decision making.

The learners had planned for four different events:

  • Sports Day
  • Going for a movie
  • One Day Summer Camp
  • One day picnic

The  Learners executed the events as per their planning and were given the opportunity to Review their events to understand whether they were able to execute the events successfully, what were the things they missed upon and how could they improve upon their planning.This helped them in enhancing their thinking skills.