Highlights of the week

Highlights of the week

 Circle Time:

New rhyme introduced: “Mummy na bhai ne mama kehvai”

Morning Talk:

Reinforcement of routines and procedures and discussion on what our learners did and how they spent their weekend/evening.

UOI 1:

“Stories can engage the audience and communicate meaning”

Introduction of “Problem and the solution” of the story.

Learners were divided into 4 groups and watched a mute video and then they reflected upon the beginning, middle, end, title, characters, moral and place of the story.

UOI 2:

“Family and friends play a role in our lives.”

Learners visited different types of family i.e. Nuclear, Nuclear with grandparents and Joint family. They even reflected about the same.

Role play by parents where in parents of Jr.KG performed a drama on types of family and roles of family members.

Pass the ball: Learners played a game ‘passing the ball’ where in the ball was passed in a circle and who so ever had the ball, talked about their family.

Show and tell of family tree.


  • Word of the week: “Caring” (we help and look after each other.)
  • Drill: – Which family you belong to?
  • Morning message: –Revision of Jr.KG mission statement.
  • Revision of letters “Aa – Mm” through different workstations of association, sorting, tracing and worksheets.

Introduction of letter ‘N n’ along with the sound and its associations through different play way methods like sorting, coloring, associating etc.

  • Nail, nuts, nurse, nine, numbers, needle, noodles, nest, nib, nose, neck, necklace, etc.
  • Revision of sight words.
  • Read Aloud:

Many stories were read aloud to engage the students and to evoke their interest in reading books. The stories that were read aloud in the class were:

  1. The new baby by Mercer Mayer
  2. Just like Daddy by Megan E. Bryant
  3. Me and my sister by Mercer Mayer.
  4. Brilliant just like daddy.

Read aloud by parents-

  1. Barney goes to Zoo.
  2. We are a family
  3. I am a big sister
  4. Brilliant just like daddy.
  5. The town mouse and the country mouse.
  6. I can share
  7. Just like daddy.



  • Introduction of between numbers.
  • Introduction of numbers 13, 14 and 15 (using vocabulary ten and five)
  • Revision of counting, more and less, greater than less than.
  • Revision of  premath concepts and days of the week and months in a year..
  • Introduction to AABB rule of patterns.
  •  Quantity:

Learners were able to understand that the objects counted describes the quantity of the whole set. Learners were able to use numbers to represent quantities. Learners understood the purpose for learning numbers and using them at appropriate places.

FMS (Fine Motor Skills):

FMS Workbook

Free Play:

  • Link up blocks
  • Wooden blocks
  • Construction blocks
  • Kitchen set
  • Other toys

RAK-Random Act of Kindness-Learners helped the class didi in placing all the resources at the proper place.


Language Worksheets

Fine Motor Skill Workbook

Maths Worksheets

Important Points:-

  1. Please make your child complete the Diwali homework and send it back on 18th November-2013.
  2. Please send back all the library books if you have any on 18th November.
  3. Those who have not sent the Family photograph (postcard size) please send it on 18th so that we can do the pictograph activity or else your child would miss the activity.
  4. Please make your child complete the FMS book uptil page no 71 in the Diwali vacation.

WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY DIWALI AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.HOPE YOU HAVE A SAFE, GREEN AND A COLORFUL DIPAWALI .Hope to see more parents participation in all the upcoming activities.


Payal Jain



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