Grade 3: Exciting Visual Arts Homework

Grade 3: Exciting Visual Arts Homework

Dear Parent,

Students of Gr.3 are learning Contour drawing in their ongoing unit in Visual Arts. During their journey in this unit they have explored online ICT site “Sumopaint” to draw contours.

As we want our students to explore this “custom shape” tool more, we have given them homework to make one contour (Human or any object) drawing of their choice.

I request parents to help their kids to save their online art work in “Jpeg” format and email it to us by the end of this week.

Note: We are going to include few good art work in our display so please encourage your children to submit their homework within expected period to their respected teacher through email.


Teacher’s email address:

Innovate, Illustrate & Imagine:

Kaavya Shah-

Imbue & Illuminate:

Shalini Nandkumar-

Ideate & Inspire:

Neha Bhatia-


Thank you.

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