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Day: March 2, 2014

Grade 1 Amity- Highlights!!

Grade 1 Amity- Highlights!!


Sight words:

New sight words for this week- this, those, that, hear, funny, money, jump, turn, head

Learners wrote these sight words, 3 times in their notebook and framed sentences

orally, before writing it in their book.

Word family-

-air” word family was introduced.

Learners made words using the -air word family 3 times in their notebook and then

framed sentences using the words- air, hair, chair, fair, pair, and stair.

Revision of blend ‘st and sm’ and the family ‘-one’.

Daily grammar:

1) Apostrophe’s’ and punctuation mark ‘,’ comma was introduced.

E.g.: My friend’s name is Rachit.

She has my pen, paper and card.

2) Chant aloud:

I forget/need

he forgets/needs

she forgets/needs

they forget/need

we forget/need…

Plural and singular form

E.g.: duck – ducks, book – books, ball – balls, chair – chairs etc.

Make as many small words from the word given:

E.g.: knowledgeable – know, now, able, lead, bee, deal, low, bead, glow, alone etc.

Revision of articles- a, an and the.


After tuning into subtraction, the teacher constructed meaning by asking them subtraction facts from 0-0 to 9-9.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Heat can be transformed from one object to another.

4 exploration tables were kept and students were divided in groups of 5. On each table one beaker with hot water and another with cold water was kept. Students were asked to explore. Later teacher took an inquiry and students reflected that when they mixed the hot and cold water, the water became warm . After this students also reflected on  real life connections .


Priyanka Chhabra



Fruit Day

Fruit Day

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Learners brought different citrus and pulpy fruits. They enjoyed making fruit salad ,fruit juices and relished the same. They gained an understanding of edible and non edible uses of fruits…


Ambuja Sharma.