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Day: March 7, 2014

07/03/2014 Grade 9 Language Assignment

07/03/2014 Grade 9 Language Assignment

Language Assignment:

Date of submission: 12/03/2014, Wednesday

Task 1- Procedural Writing: Write clear, concise and numbered instructions/steps for any one of the following:

  1. How to build a great music collection (at minimum expense and legally too)?
  2. How to make (and keep) friends on Facebook?
  3. How to give yourself a groovy haircut?

Task 2: Write a one paragraph summary of  a film that you have seen lately, mentioning only the main aspects of the film in chronological order, and grouping the information in complex sentences. Example -After a terrible plane crash, an American businessman finds himself alone on a desert island, which seems…

Literature: Write an essay on the following topic citing relevant evidences and giving suitable explanations/arguments. Use the information recorded in the language class for reference.

“Are Shylock’s reasons for revenge justified?”

P.S. – Strictly adhere to the set criteria (marked in red font).

Grade 7 : Science highlights of the week

Grade 7 : Science highlights of the week

Dear Parents,

This week also we continued with the topic ” Living things in their environment” – chapter 5 – Science checkpoint volume 1. This week students learned about producers and consumers, concept of food chain and food web through an activity. They also learned methods to find out number and varieties of species in different habitats and methods for collecting small animals from different habitats.


Pooja and Smita.

07/03/2014 Grade 9 Language Updates

07/03/2014 Grade 9 Language Updates

Language Updates: We have been working on summary writing and organising information in the past few sessions. The following components have been covered:

  • Identifying the main facts
  • Delivering the points concisely
  • Using one’s own words when summarising
  • Avoiding repetition
  • organising information in logical sequence
  • Drawing inferences

Literature Updates: The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy has been analysed with reference to the themes and poetic devices used in the poem. The students have completed two assignments  on the poem – a detailed feedback has been given in the class with a view to prepare them for the IGCSE literature component .

Recap of the day- 7/3/2014

Recap of the day- 7/3/2014

Morning Task:- 

Learners solved 2 sums on subtraction (3-digit).

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners gave their reflection on the “Guest speaker” session, maze game and their enduring understanding about the U.O.I. so far using the graphic organizers. Discussion was carried for the third line of inquiry- “Challenges and rewards of teamwork”.


1) Dictation was taken in the form of paragraph.

2) Learners revised all the rules of singular/plural orally.


1) Learners solved a word problem having mixed operation in it.

2) Learners learned the concept of grouping in a creative way using tooth picks and rubber band through a story of “Wood cutter”. Learners thoroughly enjoyed the learning process.



Learners need to do the pages marked in the given comprehension workbook.


Learners need to solve the given pictograph worksheet.


Disha Thakkar.

Hindi Homework for Grade 2 Think & Create

Hindi Homework for Grade 2 Think & Create


  • स्वर ज्ञान में page no.56 में दिए गए वर्णों से शब्द बनाओ |
  • जिन छात्रों की स्वर ज्ञान में कक्षा कार्य अधूरा हो उसे पूरा करो |

Math: (1) Practice Algebra on 2)Complete Ex.9.1 A; Checkpoint Math 3) Attempt Algebra Quiz UOI: (Kindly note the change in H.W: You don’t have to make a map(Cartography) instead you need to do the H.W given below): Explore the city(with your PYP Exhibition group members. Take along an adult), identify the hot spots related to your specific issue and collect the data -in terms of the name of the areas, where you find your selected problems. Be audacious. Don’t hesitate to talk to people around. Example: Issue-Noise Pollution; Areas affected:

  1. Surat Railway Station due to heavy traffic
  2. Sahara Corridor-due to business activities/shopping malls
  3. Udhna Corridor-small scale industries
  4. Athwa Corridor-Traffic

Record the data in the interleaf book and you will be making the map in school on Monday.

Recap of the day – 7th March.

Recap of the day – 7th March.


Reflection taken on the movie ‘The Racing Stripes’ on an A4 coloured paper. Few questions were given to the learners and they had to answer those questions.


Introduced ‘demonstrative pronouns’ (this, that, these and those). Learners saw the video on it. They wrote the definition and examples for the same in the notebook.

Dictation taken for the words given.


Learners gave formative assessemnt for the concept of grouping.


Pictograph worksheet given.

Few pages given in Comprehension workbook.