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Day: March 15, 2014

Highlights Of The Week(10th March – 13th March) : Sr KG Shine.

Highlights Of The Week(10th March – 13th March) : Sr KG Shine.

Dear Parent,

Highlights of the Week are:-

Circle Time:

  • Music & movement: Morning Strut , Opposites Song , Primary Colours

  • Free play Activity :Judo blocks, clay ,wooden blocks

  • Visual art activity: Balloon Paper-mache

  • Listening Skills activity: 
    The Greedy dog. (moral story)

  • Read a loud
  • Here we go round the world–Jane Belk Moncure,

  • OH!!– Kevin Henkes.

  • Little fur family By Margaret Wise Brown

  • Its Mine By Mercy Mayor.


  • Introduction of “op” family words(cop ,hop ,mop ,pop , top ,chop ,drop ,flop ,prop ,shop ,stop)

  • Summative Assessment.


  • Tuesday : Writing of ‘op’ word family three times in the notebook and worksheet of sight words (where , said)

  • Thursday: Worksheet related to word families.


  • Reading and plotting of Quarter Past concept of clock.

  • Introduction of subtraction through stories and rhymes.

  • Practice of subtraction through  manipulatives and workbook page nos. 98 ,99 and 105

  • Summative Assessment


Tuesday  : Workbook pg nos.100 and 101(subtraction)

Thursday: Workbook pg nos. 102 and 103 (subtraction)

Unit of Inquiry:


Central Idea: Animals adapt to survive in their natural habitat.

Summative assessment was taken.


Ayesha Saiyed.

Grade8_Science Highlights of the week

Grade8_Science Highlights of the week

Dear Parents,

This week Students revisited their understanding of an atom, molecule and ions. They also understood how an object gets statically charged and then releases it static electricity via air. Further, they understood the basic idea behind using conducting wheels in an air plane and why an electrician wears rubber footwear to insulate the electric current flowing through them. They learnt about different insulators and conductors and what happens if two surfaces are rubbed against each other. Lastly, students had a good idea of Van de Graph generator and digital sensors and different real life examples of static electricity. They were also given worksheet for practicing the same.


Linkee and Pooja